She Could've Been a Killer

1. My Bowie obsession is probably a little unhealthy. Just ask my poor flatmates who were recently subject to my choruses of "THIS IS GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM" while cleaning the kitchen on a hungover Sunday morning. I feel that the time has come for me to bite the bullet and invest in this fabulous Ziggy Stardust sweater by my beloved Maje. Maje-or Tom would certainly approve. It is £130 here.

2. & Other Stories nail polishes are pretty as a picture, and this Melton Sunset shade is next on my must-have list. Red hot with just a touch of sunset orange, the matte shade will add a pop of Summer vibrance to polished tips and toes. It is just £5 here.

3. I have been seeking a great bargain foundation for a while now, and I think I have found my one true love- Revlon Photoready. The coverage is buildable, covering imperfections without caking. It promises to give the illusion of flawless skin in photographs, so what could be better for those impromptu Somerset House style snaps? It is £12.99 at Boots. My tip is to layer with the liquid PhotoReady concealer- also Revlon- and finish with a dusting of Bourjois Healthy Mix powder.

4. I have finally invested in a backpack, but sadly it is nowhere near as stylish as this fabulous VERITY style by Whistles. I spotted this at the press day and have been dreaming of it since. The buttery white leather is crisp, clean and classic, while the size is just right for fashion week essentials.  At £275 it is an investment piece, but at least you can't contest it's practicality? Mum would be proud. Shop VERITY here.

5. Orelia's delicate jewellery, stocked in Topshop, is my go-to for trinkety little pieces to decorate my wrists and fingertips. These mixed metal midi-rings are great for drawing attention to perfectly manicured hands- they also make for great girly gifts. They are £10 here. 

6. Another Whistles hit, this golden bolt cuff adds a little gloss to the look. It is £35 here and is a contender for my next pay-day purchase. The bolt = very Aladdin Sane.

7. Picking a favourite piece in Zara at the moment is not easy. They seem to up their game every season, and SS14 is no exception. Zara is, and always shall be, my happy place (sorry Cafe Nero- you're a close second). If I were to choose just one ensemble to add to my wardrobe, it would probably be this leather trimmed tweedy mini with matching biker jacket. It's so Alexander Wang at Balenciaga, particularly when paired with a sheer white blouse and a little midriff peekaboo. Be a devil and treat yourself here - the skirt is £39.99.

8. Last but not least, kick up your look with these buckled peep-toe ankle boots, also from Zara. They are chunky and clunky but still suitably sexy. In a word? Strutworthy. They are £99.99 here, but they will work with any look across the seasons.

This season I have made the informed decision to fully boycott London Fashion Week. With my dissertation due in a matter of weeks, it made great sense for me to shun all LFW frivolities, instead opting for quinoa gingerbread men, GIRLS boxsets and a little bit of at-home Pilates. Did someone say C-H-I-C?

So while the fashion pack are gallivanting around London toting their Meli Melos, fueled by Marlboros, Manolos and Instagram-Hashtag-Hype (#LFWtimelinebitchez/ #donthatemecuzyouaintme), I am seeking out other modes of procrastination. My current pick? Twitter gem @Daily_Kale.

I  have a wealth of LFW shows to catch up on for AW14 - I hear Whistles was a knockout?- but I, like the rest of the population, am still in SS14 mode. With my first Spring holiday booked, I am spending every waking moment daydreaming of backlessness, crop-tops, printed two-pieces and sugar sweet pointed pumps.

I digress.

Above is what I would be wearing if I could be tempted away from the British Library. And on that note, ladies, best not wear leather minis to the British Library- I've never had so many shocked glances in my life.


Fit for Feb

Happy February all.

I don't know about you, but it actually makes me feel a little bit ill that we are already a month into 2014* but let's push onwards and rejoice that it's basically Spring!

Okay so I may be jumping the gun a little bit there, but I feel like Winter may have overstayed it's welcome again- will it never learn? Let's just say I am looking forward to tucking away my woolies as SS14 takes the candy coloured reigns.

On that note, I am sure you are all astute enough to have noticed the first drop of Spring delights in stores now (did somebody say & Other Stories humbug striped short suit?), and though I could bore you in writing up my extensive list of pre-Spring hits that I need in my wardrobe right now (starting with crop tops and moving swiftly on to tennis skirts and chiffon culottes) I will resist. It is also just under two weeks until Valentines day, so I will probably post lots of lingerie. In the mean time, chaps, just look to the (proper fit) Rosie Huntington Whiteley collection at M&S for a failsafe gift for your lady friend. Add some Champagne truffles and you're on to a winner.

If you follow me on Twitter or whatever, you may know that I have been pretty busy with my university project. VIRTUE is a magazine pulling together fashion and wellness content for young, professional women who seek to look as good as they feel. It bridges the gap between my two passions without sacrificing on style and substance. It is a very exciting project to be working on, and I can't wait to share the final product with you this Summer.

So, instead of a generic SS14 post, today I am going to share a few great gym kit buys to get you feeling fit for February.

This month, if we are lucky, the media will move on from their constant chants of "DETOX DETOX DETOX", at least until bikini body panic ensues. Still, this is no reason for all your hard New Years' work to go to waste. If anything, you ought to kick it up a gear. Remember, keeping fit is nothing to do with the number on the scales- it is about how you feel.

I can say in all honestly that getting fit was the best thing I ever did, and I am sure many of you will wholeheartedly agree.

So if your motivation is dwindling, here are a few bold sportswear pieces to perk you up, alongside a couple of tips to help you get the most from your regime this month:

1. Eat Like a Skinny Bitch If you don't follow @russellSBC on Instagram and @thesbcollective on Twitter now, then you probably should, like, now. The account is essentially a constant stream of motivation, along with some fantastic quotes and killer recipes from the trainer du jour and Danielle Copperman, who shares her recipes over at Model Mange Tout. Russell advocates a protein rich diet for his various Skinny Bitches- including Millie Mackintosh, Sam Rollinson and many-a top fashion ed- to work alongside his fierce workout regime. 

2. Get Outdoors Living in London, I am totally spoiled for choice when it comes to parks and gardens, and I even have one of London's biggest parks right on my doorstep. That said, I have always been a little apprehensive about training outdoors. It's so cold, it's usually wet, but if you can get past that, exercising outdoors is the best way to start the day, boosting endorphins and refreshing the body. Last week I decided to start running round the common daily, and it has made a real difference to my fitness levels already. If you do one thing differently in February, get out your gym comfort zone. 

3. Cook Up a Snack I can now add "using the oven" to my list of talents. Though I am not quite Nigella (yet), throughout January I have been baking some pretty delicious pre and post workout treats. Cutting out grains, as is SBC gospel, I have been experimenting with quinoa flakes in baking, whipping up a good few batches of my super simple low cal crackers. To make about four or five biscuits, all you need to do is mix three tablespoons of quinoa flakes (or oats, though grains are hard to digest for many, and quinoa is gentler on the stomach) with one whole egg or two egg whites. You can then run riot with additions. For something sweet but virtuous I like adding 2 tsps of raw cocoa powder, a generous tsp of moreish Naturya cocoa nibs, a tsp of Naturya maca powder and 2 tsps of stevia. For a savoury cracker that works well with mashed spiced avocado and soup, try adding 2 tsps of Naturya spirulina, a generous sprinkling of cayenne pepper, a tbsp of hemp seeds (such a good source of protein) and a touch of turmeric. Mix it all up, grease a baking tray with a little Lucy Bees coconut oil and spoon on the mixture. You can make your crackers squares, sticks, circles- whatever takes your fancy (I personally like to waste time and make mine into cutesy chocolate hearts)- or you can make one big cracker which can be used as a pizza-esque base. Put in the oven at a medium heat then leave for 15-20 minutes, checking now and again. It's trial and error with these bad boys- don't overdo the stevia... ever- but the results are Mary Berry worthy (ish). 

4. Look Good, Feel Good If you find yourself lacking gym motivation, it is high time to get your kit in gear. Spring clean your gym bag by binning your comfy leggings and baggy tees, and replacing them with some sharp, stylish sportswear in trend-led colours. Oh, and get yourself some great trainers- they make a world of difference... There's something I never thought I would say. 

*particularly given that I have been dating the majority of my work XXth of January 2013- ignorance is bliss, I was 19 then.

1. H&M Gold Running Tights £34.99 here
2. Plenish Cleanse Sweet Sexy Greens Juice (available online here)
3. Nike FuelBand SE £129 here
4, 5 and 6. Nike Free Run Sneakers - customize your own here from £115
7. Stella McCartney for Adidas Climalite Run Stretch and Mesh Tank £65 at Net-a-Porter here
8. H&M Gold Reversible Running Jacket £69.99 here
9. Every Second Counts Game Changer crop in raspberry pink and deep papaya £41 here


Sale Savvy: His & Hers

Sometimes all that can alleviate the inevitable post-Christmas depression is a mammoth online shopping spree... Particularly when armed with Charbonnel et Walker truffles and leftover champagne. 

That said, we can all be guilty of senseless sale shopping...

"50% off you say?! Ripped zebra jeans? Yes! Perspex neon clutch? Yes! Pink fur coat? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"

It is easy to get carried away when you see those hefty designer price-tags whittled down to the £100/£200 mark, but there are a few rules one must remember when it comes to sale shopping:

1. If you wouldn't buy it full price, don't buy it on sale.

2. NEVER buy a size down/up. 

3. Remember the three-year rule. Will you still be wearing this piece in three years time? No? Step away from the cashpoint missy/mr!

To reiterate, I know it's all too tempting- heck, while compiling this post I spent £400 on The Kooples website (the title of my upcoming memoir shall be SW Fashion: From Blogging to Bankruptcy pre-order on Amazon now)- but it is also easy to find some great pieces that will last a lifetime.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some of my favourite sensible sale buys of the season. Enjoy! 

1. This Zimmermann dress is the perfect LBD to add to your party dress collection. The delicate broderie anglaise fabric is slightly summery, but the backless detailing makes it a sexy party season staple. Did somebody say New Years Eve? It is on sale at Net-A-Porter for £237 here

2. Luxurious lingerie is best to buy on sale, and my favourite brand this year is Myla. Last year I was obsessed with Mimi Holliday, but this December I have fallen for Myla's subtly sensual styles. This Layla bra in champagne pink with black lace is far too beautiful to keep under-wraps. Complete with rose gold fittings and ornate lace, the Layla bra is available here for £67. Sadly they have run out of my size (and I have got WAY too much lingerie already) but had I been quicker I would have paired this with my new satin camisole from ASOS (here).

3. Reduced from £120 to £36 (!!!!!), this Devon bra by Myla is another dazzler. It is great for A and B cups in particular, and the full set is sure to go down a storm come Valentines Day. I may, just may, purchase this as an early birthday treat.

4. Lingerie to one side, Myla are also renowned for their decadent nightwear in high quality silk, satin and eyelash lace. Their sultry lace kimonos of black and ivory (ideal for honeymooners) are reduced from £1000 to £500 this season, and their satiny slips, babydolls and pyjama sets are also on sale. This black Angelica babydoll is the ultimate nightdress for the contemporary glamour puss, reduced to just £87 here.

5. Beauty Bay is a great place to look for slash-priced beauty staples, and these Essie polishes can be found on sale here, alongside some other great seasonal hues. Pictured are Spaghetti Strap, a light peony pink (£7.82 here) and Cabi au Lait, a sheer ballet pink (£6.38 here). Beauty Bay also have free delivery at the moment for guilt-free post-Christmas spending. 

6. Selfridges have a lot of great scents on sale following the festive period, and these jam-jar natural scents by Honore Des Pres are great to stock up on for gifts. Originally £53, each scent is now £19.50. My personal favourite is the Sexy Angel scent which is fruity with a touch of spice and a sugared almond base. You can shop them here.

7. A little sparkle goes a long way, so add oodles of glamour to any evening look with these Tom Binns earrings at Net-A-Porter, reduced to £99 here. I won't tell anyone they aren't antique if you don't. 

8. While compiling this post, I may have been led astray by The Kooples sale. The Kooples is always my first port of call for sale bargains as I find the pieces are classic and timeless and great quality. This silk blouse in muted blush pink is sure to work hard in your wardrobe, and is the perfect piece to wear slightly undone to show off your new Myla lingerie. It is now reduced to £99 here.

9. Saint Laurent Paris court shoes under £300? Need I say more? These are just £280 at Matches and come in crimson too. A great pair of court shoes will last you a lifetime, and this slick pointed style are sure to delight for work or play.

1. I know it doesn't seem like the most sensible sales purchase, but this silk Carven camisole in zebra print will look amazing for SS14, tapping into the Wanderlust trend for all things wild (roar). Wear with a split front pencil skirt such as this ridiculously bargain-ous ASOS style (£11 = lunch at Pret or split front skirt?) and classic courts (I can only assume you've bought the Saint Laurent ones already?) for a sophisticated look with just a nod to the trend. It is reduced to £204 here. 

2. If you like to smell as delicious as you look (such a charmer), then you will doubtless be familiar with the popular Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande collection. With delectable scents of Créme Brulée, Tarte au Citron, Toasted Chestnut and Almond Coconut, these miniature candles are great to dot around the house or to keep on standby for future presents. Reduced from £42, these Laura Mercier candles are available at Space NK for £21 here.

3. The key to a good little black dress is to keep it relaxed and nonchalant, and who could do that better than Maje? A brand synonymous with Parisian chic, this ultra-flattering dress is effortlessly elegant. With a draped silk satin top and a crepe layered skirt, this dress is just calling for a little Isabel Marant boucle jacket and some killer heeled ankle boots. Party season perfection à la Emmanuelle Alt. Maje dress, £162 at Net-A-Porter here.

4. One of my favourite gifts this year was my Rosie for Autograph dusky pink silk pyjamas. They feel so luxurious and elegant, and are the ultimate lounge-wear. Come Summer, though, a short alternative is a must, and these ones at Avenue 32 should do just nicely. The vibrant raspberry shade will really pop with a tan, and the quality is superlative. Raspberry Silk Pyjamas at Avenue 32 by Alöe £98 here.

5. In terms of value, I think Phillip Lim handbags are a great investment. I bought my Pashli this Summer and I have already seen the price go up, so it is always a good idea to get a bargain while you can. This shoulder bag is wonderfully discreet and simple, making it a safe and smart sale buy. 3.1 Phillip Lim Scout Shoulder bag at Avenue 32 £351 here

6. Jewellery is usually a bit of a silly sales buy, but this Dogeared charm bracelet is an exception. Granted, it is hardly even reduced, but this gold-plate bracelet is great to keep for a special present such as an impromptu 21st or promotion. Dogeared Lucky Star bracelet exclusively at ASOS reduced to £40.50 here.

7. My first (of many!) sale purchases this year were the Kurt Geiger London Belgravia sandals in nude. For something punchier, opt for the Isabella's in vibrant coral. The shade will be a knockout with a Summer tan and sunset brights are big for SS14. At £49, surely it would be rude not to? Kurt Geiger Isabella reduced to £49 here.

1. Richard Nicoll's menswear line has always been slick but understated, and a lot of his trend-led wardrobe staples can be found in the fantastic Matches Fashion sale. These light grey chinos are a great weekend alternative to denim, and also come in rich french navy. They will also transition well into Summer. Richard Nicoll trousers at Matches here

2. If you don't have a really fabulous dinner jacket yet, head to The Kooples for a great selection of classic jackets with seasonal reductions. I featured this slim fit navy jacket in one of my menswear pages as it has such a sharp cut. It will work just as well with relaxed Chinos and a simple tee as it would with the matching pants and a buttoned up shirt with a leather collar. Navy Blazer at The Kooples reduced to £294 here.

3. Givenchy is one of the coolest brands of the moment in menswear, so add a little edge to your working wardrobe with these gold wing cufflinks, also available in silver. Givenchy Wing Cufflinks now £105 here. Psst! Ladies, these make for a great gift.

4. This woolen jacket, also by Richard Nicoll, is a contemporary weekend essential. In a biker style, this deep petrol blue jacket is effortlessly stylish and will add a little edge to even the most simple ensemble. The quality is fantastic, and this jacket is sure to impress your other half come date night. Richard Nicoll Wool Melton Biker Jacket reduced to £444 here

5. The ruckack is back in a big way, and this leather style from Zara is a particularly stylish offering. Zara brown leather rucksack £39.99 here.

6. Never neglect the shoes- they can make or break an outfit. In the Winter sales it is always a great idea to pick up some classic Chelsea boots, such as these battered brown ankle boots from The Kooples. Kurt Geiger also have some strong offerings, as do Sandro at Selfridges. The Kooples battered brown biker/chelsea boots reduced to £198 here.

7. A favourite of slick city boys, Reiss never fail to impress with their inventive menswear collections and dapper detailing. Often it is quite difficult to distinguish between higher-end brands and Reiss, for the quality is often on a par, and this grey cashmere sweater is a great example. Reiss cashmere sweater in dove grey reduced to £119 here.

8. If you're after something a little more exciting than plain grey, look no further than this printed jacquard sweater. Come Spring, this one shall be available in pale grey with lemon print, so this neutral style is bang-on. Reiss jaguar sweater reduced to £65 here.  

1. A great pair of slim-fit jeans is a worthwhile investment, and this season's best value label is BLK DNM. Only a few sizes remain of this wash, but stay tuned to Matches for new lines and other brands such as J Brand and ACNE. BLK DNM Jeans at Matches reduced to £82 here.  

2. Unleash your wild side with these casual ponyskin flats by Kurt Geiger. They are a little outlandish, yes, but worn with simple jeans and a great teddy jacket they are sure to liven up your look a treat. They also come in patent navy croc. Leopard Print Plimsolls at Kurt Geiger here.

3. A good t-shirt should be light, soft and slightly loose-fitting, and James Perse t-shirts are arguably among the best for men and women. This dark grey tee with black trim is a smart style that will work well under a leather jacket. Grey James Perse t-shirt at Matches here.

4. T-shirts are great to buy on sale, and this navy one with leather pocket detailing is great value for a souped-up staple. Navy t-shirt with leather pocket reduced to £48 at The Kooples here

5. The varsity jacket has been on the up for a few seasons now, so now is a great time to invest in a neutral style to add a little modernity to a casual look. I love this one by Reiss 1971, which is reduced to £109 here.

6. Worn well, a statement sneaker can give any look a fashion-forward twist. These Sandro Interstellar high-tops feature a tonal, Alexander Wang-esque graffiti print on the side, and will look fantastic with black denim and an embroidered varsity jacket. Sandro Interstellar High-Top Sneakers at Selfridges here.

7. For something a little more conservative, these black leather sneakers are great for casual weekend wear. They are smart but still comfortable, and the high-top style feels distinctly modern. Sandro Cha Vision High-Top Sneakers at Selfridges here




Last Chance to Get Personal

Alex Monroe  is my go-to for delicate, beautifully crafted jewellery that will work for any occasion. The latest addition to the Alex Monroe collection is the idiosyncratic Enchanted Twig Alphabet Necklace in 18ct gold. At £375, these dainty, elegant necklaces are future classics. You can shop these here, or if you're in London this weekend pop along to the Alex Monroe sample sale which you can find out about here

Come Christmas, everybody wants something a little bit special. 

When I begin to think about Christmas shopping, my imagination really does run wild. I have so many great ideas for gifts, but sadly my student budget restricts my delusions of gifting grandeur.

However, to quote my darling Mum, "it's the thought that counts". A thoughtful gift, such as a photo album chock-a-block full of memories, can be every bit as adorable as a pair of Manolo Blahnik BBs... Well, not quite that adorable. Let's not be daft now. 

So if you're look for something special and thoughtful that won't break the bank, then look no further than the latest influx of personalised pieces to delight your darlings on Christmas day.

From ID tag bracelets through to jewel tone suede slippers, there is something for every giftee, no matter how fussy he/she may be. (PS boys yours is to follow so hold your horses.)

With a cool 19 days until you lay out your miniature mince piece for Santa's sustenance (yes, that IS your cue to panic), it is time to get personal and place your orders. 

Here is my edit.

One of Britain's finest affordable jewellery brands, Lola Rose have upped the ante this festive season with a pop-up personalisation service available across London. Beginning in Harrods this weekend (the 6th and 7th) designer and founder Nikki Gerwitz will be on hand at the Bangle Bar to help you design your own bespoke piece with complimentary engraving. And if that's too short notice for you, come the weekends of the 13th and the 20th, the personalisation bar will be at John Lewis on Oxford Street. Find out a little more information and join the party on Facebook here. The bangles start at £39, and you can shop them here.

 I found out about the bespoke Anna Lou of London service at London Fashion Week a while back, and I have been smitten ever since. The pieces are great value, all gold/silver/rose gold plated and the engraving is complimentary. If you're looking for a necklace, you can opt for a dainty locket, a heart shaped padlock or a simple initial disc. On the bracelet front there are a wealth of dainty chain bracelets to choose from, though the swirling monogram ones are my personal favourite. Prices range from £45 for a plated disc necklace to £575 for a solid gold monogram necklace. You can shop the range here but be sure to make a move as the latest date for personalisation is the 8th! 

PS You can enter my exclusive discount code- swfashion10 - at the checkout for a 10% discount on all purchases. Tell your friends too!
Last but by no means least, if you're not one for jewellery, head to Avenue 32 where top-to-toe personalisation is the order of the day. The cotton initialed pyjamas are great for family, while the personalised SchoShoes slipper flats are made for the "girl who has everything". Shop monogramming at Avenue32 here


Tres Cheeky: The New Girl in Town

In New York City, a daily blow dry is practically an essential. In such a fast-paced city of ultra-glossy girls, it is inevitable that blow-dry bars are as commonplace as chi-chi coffee bars and Scandi-chic boutiques. In Manhattan there is practically one on every corner, full of  Proenza-clad ladies chit-chatting over Americanos, while beauty girls are busy buffing and bouffant-ing.

Blow dry bars have undoubtedly made an impact in London, but they are often replicas of hit NYC haunts, not to mention ludicrously expensive. The latest addition to the scene, however, is so uniquely London it hurts.  Say hello to your new home-from-home: Cheeky Parlour on Redchurch Street.

On approach, I couldn't help but feel a little déjà-New York. Redchurch Street is like a little pocket of Nolita in London's hipster hub, and at the top of the road by the cool kid Aubin cinema is the Cheeky Parlour, the latest venture from those clever cats that brought you Cowshed and Neville.

Cheeky is all about affordable, fun preening- a kitschy beauty brand that has been winning over beauty aficionados across the land since it's launch. 

The Parlour is a bright lofty space with a nail bar, blow dry stations and a cafe/bar for post or pre-pamper treats. You can then nip over to the "Selfie Station" and dress up for a few snaps (check them out on Instagram with #urcheeky). It is the ultimate hub for a girly day out- unpretentious and oodles of fun. 

The express manicures are great for busy girls, and fantastic value compared to competitors (£10 for a manicure, and you get to take the polish home to keep chips at bay). In addition, you can add a little feature nail to your manicure, with festive favourites including cutesy Tiffany-esque gift boxes.

You can plump for a healthy brunch while browsing the blow dry menu, or sip a cheeky Cherry B (a super sweet drink of cherry wine topped up with lemonade) while pondering a little naughty nail art. Or, if you're feeling flush, you can top up your beauty cabinet with some of Cheeky's cheap and cheerful beauty buys, all of which you can buy online.

From shampoos to plumping powders and colourful polishes, Cheeky's beauty range is ideal for last minute secret Santa pressies. 

So whether you pop over on your lunch break or you make a day of it, it's time to get Cheeky.

1. Bored of backcombing? Oomph up your roots with this covetable hair plumping powder. (£8)
2. A great addition to your pre-party kit, this Pimp My Volume dry shampoo makes a welcome change from that generic can of Batiste.

3. I love a good body balm, I do, and am very keen to try this Dare to Bare product by Cheeky. (£10)
4. The beauty therapists choice? This make-up setting spray, which is certainly on my Christmas list. A spritz to keep your face in place all day long? I will take two, ta.

Oh, you cheeky things.


How-To: Look Hot in Culottes

1. M&S... Is that you? This fine knit cropped sweater from the SS14 collection at M&S is undoubtedly one of their standout fashion-forward staples of the season. At £35, this tres chic transitional gem hits stores in December. Shop their knockout knits here.

2. Five Gold Rings? Just one shall suffice! This antique-look ring from ASOS certainly belies it's £15 price-tag. Dotted with clear glass stones, this delicately elegant ring is a worthwhile midweek treat. (And while ASOS have 20% for students it would be rude not to buy everything.)

3. Join the J-Crew! This month saw American label J Crew's arrival in London, and what better excuse to pop this very versatile crystal necklace on your Christmas list. What better to luxe up your obligatory Christmas knit? At £98 it is the ideal sumptuous stocking-filler. 

4. Cool Kid Culottes. We all know that culottes are a huge trend for SS14, but it goes without saying that you ought to approach this skirt/short hybrid with caution. If you get the right pair, however, contemporary culottes can actually look pretty, well, hot. In floaty crepe, this M&S interpretation is sure to fly off the shelves when it hits stores next year (£45). Style as you would a midi-skirt and make sure you are never without a slick cigarette heel.  

5. Belle of Belgravia. The Kurt Geiger London B Series has been a real hit with the editorial elite, but my personal pick have to be the slick, simple Belgravia sandals. This season they are available in glossy nude, burgundy and black, and for SS14 they have been pimped up by punchy prints. And B-fore I forget (sorry) the B Series is still going strong for Spring, with Kurt Geiger London debuting the B Handbags, each one decorated with the signature golden tubes. The timeless nude style is £240 and worth every penny.


The Cat's Miaow

 1. Topshop Disco Unitard here.
2. Etsy Lace Cat Ears here.
3. River Island over-the-knee boots here.
4. Stila Lip Glaze in Blackberry- the perfect gloss for a girly girl's dark lip. Buy here.
5. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner- a great long-lasting liquid liner that will perfect those cat eyes and also those whiskers. Buy here.
6. Huit Arpege Bra in Black - I adore this sexed up take on the classic black bra. Buy here.
7. Claires Accessories Velvet Nails kit here

Hallowe'en is just around the corner. If, like me, you are seriously lacking in costume creativity, throw caution to the wind and dress up as an ultra-cool cat...  I don't think it's been done before?

Everybody wants to be a cat, after all.

Here is a pretty kitty ensemble that really is the cat's miaow- snap up these slick pieces now.