Pre Paris Wishlist

Hefner slippers, £165.00 here

In a matter of days, I am heading to Paris for a lovely Easter mini break. This week, I have spent every lunch hour poring over guidebooks, blogs and Instagram (always a good shout for cool spots off the beaten track), trying to work out exactly where to check in. Three meals a day is just not enough- is it greedy to attempt two lunches? I've managed to find some great little places - with a big thank you to Serena Guen and Erica Berman of Hip Paris - and look forward to sharing these with you after my trip.


Guilt Free Feasting: Ethos Review

I love nothing more than a good veggie restaurant- I would happily go meat free Monday to Sunday if I could afford to eat out every night. Experimental, exciting and packed full of flavour; today's veggie options are a million miles from plates of insipid steamed carrots and gelatinous tofu.

London has always been abundant in vegetarian restaurants, but the veggie food boom is arguably the best bi-product of the capital's wellness wave. Now, even the most ferocious of meat eaters could be tempted to veg out.

Of all the new openings worth raving about, my favourite is Ethos. On paper, it sounds hellish- it’s just by Oxford Circus, it has curry and arancini on the same menu and it is self-service- but in reality, Ethos is heaven.


Denim Days

My jeans and I have been together for a long time- coming up for three years- and they've never let me down. I am hopelessly devoted to denim, and this season I am in rather stylish company.

The spring/summer 2015 collections are teeming with top end takes on the work-a-day fabric. Victoria Beckham fashioned hers into fit-and-flare indigo mini dresses; Burberry Prorsum whipped up neat little jackets with a flurry of shearling, and Chloe took it top-to-toe with vintage wash sweaters with button-down maxi skirts. The indigo mood is catching for SS15, and - at last! - it's a trend us mere mortals can actually wear.


The Sweet Scent of Spring

Jo Malone London Blue Skies & Blossoms
Spring has sprung. Granted, it's probably still too chilly to go sans gloves in the morning, let alone bare legs, but this weekend's sunny spells have certainly spurred a little new season optimism.

Alongside pops of pastels and print, crisp March mornings call for light, delicate scents, and this year we have a lovely bunch to choose from.


It's A Swing Thing

Aren't you a diamond? Earrings £17.00 from & Other Stories here
Okay, so it's almost been a week since pay day and, I don't know about you, but I've been really super-duper good since then. I've only eaten out once (Roti Chai, since you asked) and I've totally resisted the urge to spend all my hard-earned cash on faux suede separates and peep-toe ankle boots. I think it's called living within my means.

Still, such great behaviour surely warrants a little self-gifting? Any excuse. For a treat that won't break the bank- leaving just enough dollar to travel and eat and all those other annoying things you need to do to live- make a beeline for & Other Stories. I've fallen head over heels for the Scandi superstore's spring collection, and these swing drop earrings are le pièce de résistance.

Unique but still suitably pretty, they offer an instant update with plenty of pizzazz, adding interest to even the most boring white shirt and skinnies pairing. The best part? The kaleidoscopic glass crystals will take on the colour of whatever you're wearing, so you can rock them all around the clock. Or until you lose one, which is pretty much inevitable.

Anyways, I'll stop my rambling now, and continue compiling my 30-strong list of must-have pieces on & Other Stories' website. Standard.


Shake it Off

We have hit peak fitness fandom. What began with the odd juice cleanse and yoga retreat is now a media swarm of exotic "superfoods", nonsensical detoxing and daft workouts. At first it was exciting but now, to be frank, it's getting little bit boring. I am fed up of being told that I ought to look like a supermodel– no amount of training is going to get me VS standard.

Alas, we have lost our way on the fitness front– exercise is supposed to be about feeling good, but now it is the opposite. Go to one of London's It classes, and you'll know what I mean– "The models swear by it," they say, and then you turn up, clad in holey leggings and a crinkled top and end up panting like some sort of grunting pig amongst impossibly elegant gazelles (Gisele/Gazelle - see what I did there?) How that's ever going to make you feel good, I have no idea.


Flaring Up

1. Wishbone necklace by Astrid & Miyu – £29.00 here
2. Gold initial rings by Astrid & Miyu – £39.00 here
3. Sophie Hulme Bordeaux cross-body bag – £425.00 here
4. Topshop Premium Prowl boots – £120.00 here
5. Topshop cropped shirt – £36.00 here
6. Miss Selfridge skinny flared jeans – £38.00 here

I'm a denim devotee. Monday to Sunday, season to season, I rarely stray from my skinny jean rotation: Moto Leighs one day, Hollister Ryans the next (don't judge - they are actually not as bad as the so-called "models" would have you think) and then back to my go-to Abercrombie & Fitch pair. The sartorial equivalent of a big ole' bowl of mac'n'cheese, skinnies are my comfort, despite being nigh-on impossible to remove in a remotely elegant, or sexy, manner. Just do the skinny shimmy or shake 'em off if you're feeling Swift-y.

Back to the matter at hand: denim. This season is all about the stuff– be it Alexa Chung for AG's delectable white dungaree dress or Victoria Victoria Beckham's chic flared mini, the workaday fabric is back on the sartorial agenda for SS15, and it's looking rather foxy. Inspired by the changing demands of their ready-to-wear clientele, designers took note, debuting an array of dressed-up denim pieces. Stella McCartney ticked off two trends in one, whipping hers into utilitarian overalls, while Burberry Prorsum took the perennial jean jacket up a notch or two with exquisite tailoring and tactile trimmings. The catwalk has spoken: it's time to take your denim in a new direction.
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