How to keep fit on your hols

What I wish I looked like when running. Images throughout from Varley (sale now on up to 30% off). 

Firstly, I should say that some of you may consider exercising on holiday stark-raving bonkers. "Burpees? When I could be on the beach with a beer? Are you out of your mind?!" I hear you, but hopefully some of you can relate.

In the run-up to my jollies in the Napa Valley, I went a little exercise mad. I signed up to Virgin Active in January and was going five to six times a week before jetting off, pounding the human hamster wheel, formerly known as The Curve, before popping to a class, which could be anything from competitive spinning (seriously) to power yoga.


Your Heatwave Tool Kit

Long time, no blog.

I recently met a very well-travelled Swede who advised me I ought to venture to Tulum, Mexico. That night, following several Scandi shots, I decided to Google Tulum in all it's glory. Lush and sun-drenched, it looks like paradise... bar one teeny, tiny detail: it's absolutely scorching, with temperatures regularly topping 35℃.

As a Scottish blonde with translucent skin, I don't do well in such high temperatures, so imagine my horror on discovering that our holiday spot this year (Sonoma, California) is actually hotter than Mexico. 40℃ to be precise. 100°F. I don't really deal in Fahrenheit, but all my American pals (i.e. the lady in WholeFoods who couldn't get enough of my wide-brim hat) tell me 100°F is unheard of.

Pretty. Damn. Hot.



So, I’ll dive straight in with a product I’m currently obsessed with – Byredo Unnamed Eau de Parfum. Now, anyone who follows me on Instagram or has seen my dressing table will know just how much I adore Byredo fragrances. Created by Ben Gorham, Byredo is the innovative Swedish brand behind some of the most modern and stylish scents around.


Strike a Pose

At long last summer has arrived in London. I don't know about you, but when the weather is so glorious, I can't abide staying indoors – I literally just want to be outside all the time, particularly when it comes to working out.

Don't get me wrong, even the most sweltering conditions will not deter me from my bi-weekly Psycle classes, but all other indoor activities are off the cards for however long this heatwave continues (I'll give it three days, four tops.)

Thank goodness, then, for all the al-fresco fitness classes in the capital this summer, my pick of which has to be Vogue d'Argent at the Coq d'Argent roof garden in The City.

A feelgood fusion of yoga and Vogueing, Voga is all about stretching and posing to an 80s beat – think yoga with a whole lotta sass. It's genuinely one of the most fun workouts I've ever tried, made all the better by the gorgeous surroundings of the Coq d'Argent roof gardens.

The perfect way to spend a Sunday, there's only one more Vogue d'Argent session to come this summer, a Madonna Party Class on 31st July kicking off at 11am, so I'd snap up a ticket now (£20 here) before they're all gone.

Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose there's nothing to it.

The Hamptons Top Three

Sunset in Southampton

Ever since I first visited the US, I have considered myself a California girl. Sure, NYC has its perks, Chicago’s a hoot, but if someone gave me the choice I’d always settle on the Napa Valley. Until I visited The Hamptons, that is.

The Hamptons is one of those destinations met with a bit of an “ooh-er” whenever mentioned, and to be totally honest, I had no idea what to expect when I headed there earlier this year. I’d heard it mentioned in copious US series’, but I’d never considered it a particularly desirable holiday destination, but – trust me – this one’s worth a trip.

Even if you’re just headed to NYC for a break, if you can, I urge you to book a stay in the Hamptons for a few days at the end of your trip. There’s so much to love – here are just a few of my favourite places from my recent trip: five very convincing reasons to visit The Hamptons.


Tahiti Time

Image courtesy of NARS
Things are hotting up, so it's high time to get your glow on.

If like me, you're stuck on home turf, then you're just going to have to fake it. Thankfully, good old NARS has a solution – its new, Tahiti bronze collection.

Based around the bestselling Laguna bronzer, the limited edition line-up includes glistening body oils, scented shimmering powders and my new hero product: the liquid bronzer (a snip at £28).

Often on pale skintones, bronzing powders can look flat and dirty. A lightweight, silky formula, the bronzing liquid is much easier to work with, blending seamlessly to create the illusion of sun-kissed skin. Add a couple of drops to your foundation for a hint of warmth, or layer it on top of your base and dust with translucent powder for a flawless finish.


Move your fabulous Frame

It's that time of year again... Skies are blue, temperatures have soared to the blistering heights of 15°c and pretty pink blossoms are populating everyone's Instagram feed.

Sun's out, tums out, and beach body blitzes are (apparently) all we can talk about.

To be totally honest, there are few things more boring than someone banging on about their new diet, so I urge you to buck the trend and focus on fitness instead. Anyone can be skinny, it takes a hella lot of work to be strong.

Step forward, Frame. One of my favourite London studios (with a terribly handy outpost coming soon to Victoria), Frame has always championed a healthy, balanced lifestyle with fun classes – SkiFit or 80s aerobics, anyone? – and a whole host of events and workshops with major players in the industry. What's more, last year they joined forces with Whistles to launch a collection of trend-led activewear to slot seamlessly into your lifestyle.
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