Shake it Off

We have hit peak fitness fandom. What began with the odd juice cleanse and yoga retreat is now a media swarm of exotic "superfoods", nonsensical detoxing and daft workouts. At first it was exciting but now, to be frank, it's getting little bit boring. I am fed up of being told that I ought to look like a supermodel– no amount of training is going to get me VS standard.

Alas, we have lost our way on the fitness front– exercise is supposed to be about feeling good, but now it is the opposite. Go to one of London's It classes, and you'll know what I mean– "The models swear by it," they say, and then you turn up, clad in holey leggings and a crinkled top and end up panting like some sort of grunting pig amongst impossibly elegant gazelles (Gisele/Gazelle - see what I did there?) How that's ever going to make you feel good, I have no idea.


Flaring Up

1. Wishbone necklace by Astrid & Miyu – £29.00 here
2. Gold initial rings by Astrid & Miyu – £39.00 here
3. Sophie Hulme Bordeaux cross-body bag – £425.00 here
4. Topshop Premium Prowl boots – £120.00 here
5. Topshop cropped shirt – £36.00 here
6. Miss Selfridge skinny flared jeans – £38.00 here

I'm a denim devotee. Monday to Sunday, season to season, I rarely stray from my skinny jean rotation: Moto Leighs one day, Hollister Ryans the next (don't judge - they are actually not as bad as the so-called "models" would have you think) and then back to my go-to Abercrombie & Fitch pair. The sartorial equivalent of a big ole' bowl of mac'n'cheese, skinnies are my comfort, despite being nigh-on impossible to remove in a remotely elegant, or sexy, manner. Just do the skinny shimmy or shake 'em off if you're feeling Swift-y.

Back to the matter at hand: denim. This season is all about the stuff– be it Alexa Chung for AG's delectable white dungaree dress or Victoria Victoria Beckham's chic flared mini, the workaday fabric is back on the sartorial agenda for SS15, and it's looking rather foxy. Inspired by the changing demands of their ready-to-wear clientele, designers took note, debuting an array of dressed-up denim pieces. Stella McCartney ticked off two trends in one, whipping hers into utilitarian overalls, while Burberry Prorsum took the perennial jean jacket up a notch or two with exquisite tailoring and tactile trimmings. The catwalk has spoken: it's time to take your denim in a new direction.


Bid Adieu to Dieting

Quinoa, edamame, mint and quinoa salad with activated cashews and sunflower seeds - simply dress it with a little lemon juice, rapeseed oil and tamari for a fresh, yummy lunch option - beats a boring BLT, if you ask me!

It's a common misconception that, in order to lose weight, you must deprive yourself of everything even remotely tasty. Though it makes sense in essence -"eat less, weigh less, duuh"-  if you take a dramatic approach to weight loss, you can actually do your body much more harm than good, and it is almost inevitable that any weight lost will reappear as soon as you revert to normal eating habits.

Every single day, particularly at the start of a new year, we have a million and one faddy diets forced down our throats, most of which do more harm than good. Your body is a hard working machine, and it needs the right fuel to function. If you starve yourself, your body will go into survival mode making you irritable, anxious, emotional and, above all, pretty ghastly to be around. Over a prolonged period of time it will slow your metabolism, break down muscle tissue and weaken your bones, particularly when combined with exercise. Plus, nobody likes a preachy foody bore; extreme dieting is a terribly lonely existence - just you and your quinoa, against the world.(Speaking from personal experience here...)


Post-party SOS

Happy New Year!

Technically yesterday was the first day of 2015, but following a rather indulgent NYE, yesterday was a total write-off. And if anyone saw a scarecrow-like creature sleeping/drooling on the train back from Brighton... No. That definitely was not me. 

I always like to think of a new year as a fresh start (original, right? At least I'm not posting an inspirational quote on Instagram), and this year I plan to get myself back on track in terms of health. Fit not thin, strong not skinny... You know the drill. It's my 21st birthday in a matter of days, and therefore I really ought to get myself together. I even bought new trainers - am I thin yet?

Finishing Touches

Kate Moss = the dream. This = the reality. 
Trifle for breakfast, anyone?

Wrapped up in my Christmas jumper, with a box of Prestat red velvet truffles (also known as the best thing ever) by my side, I am ready and raring to do a little Boxing Day damage online.

ALL the sales are go (yup, that includes Zara, what are you still doing here?!) both in store and online, meaning I can spend, spend, spend without having to budge from my sofa.

"Muuuuum, I'll take my turkey, brie and cranberry rye toastie at one? Bring the Quality Street while you're at it. And the bubbly."

I wouldn't say I was the most sensible sale shopper, but I occasionally snap up a good bargain. As long as you steer clear of the trend pieces and stick to the right size, you can't go far wrong. 

Following my edit of the best party pieces, here are a few of my favourite finishing touches. From jewelled Boden flats through to red lippies fit for saints and sinners, these sale steals are far too good to resist... Much like that last mince pie.


NYE Party Picks

Top tip? Stoli and Bolli may not lead to smart sale purchases, but they will take the edge off the Boxing Day bustle.
Santa hasn't even been yet, but I've already moved on to the real festive fun. Oh yes, I'm talking of the pre-Christmas sales. Though most of the sales are yet to start, a few of the goodies have started early including Net-a-Porter, Whistles and The Kooples.

I personally would suggest waiting a few days before blowing the big bucks, but there are a few party pieces that are too good to resist, particularly with NYE just around the corner. 

Here are a few fabulous little pieces to kick off the sale season in style. Just add fireworks and fizz!

Psst! If you need a little sale time guidance, refer to last year's top tips here.


She's La Bombe

Être Cécile's La Bombe sweater: £110.00 here
It's no secret that I am obsessed with all things French. From Brigitte Bardot through to Breton tees and Pierre Marcolini by Olympia Le Tan macarons (topping my Christmas list), I have a real penchant for all things Parisian. The fact I've never been? Details, darling, details. 

For months on end I have been lusting after Bella Freud's Je T'aime Jane jumper, imagining it layered over myriad Equipment shirts and partnered with all manner of skinny jeans, leather minis and denim cut-offs for Seine-side strolls. Sadly I am yet to make her mine, but one fateful day we will live happily ever after on a diet of cafe au lait and almond croissants.
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