5 reasons to stay at Solage

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram will probably have seen my recent holiday spam. A couple of weeks ago went on a family trip to California where we stayed in Solage, an eco-friendly  resort on the outskirts of Calistoga.

There are a few resorts in the world that I can't recommend enough and Solage deserves a top spot on the list. Why? Let me count the ways...


Just My Type = Archetype

Image from Instagram @archetypenapa
Everybody knows I love a good brunch.* In fact, the only people in the world who could possibly like brunch more than me are Americans – they can't get enough of the stuff and, let's be honest here, nobody does it better.

I, like every other basic bitch in the land, have a few top brunch spots in the world: Brickwood Clapham is number one, primarily due to proximity but also because their avo toast tastes much better than skinny feels; Holybelly in Paris is a close second and the latest addition to the list is Archetype in Napa.


Byredo Hair Perfume: Let Me Count The Ways

Byredo Hair Perfume 
Shiny, bouncy, and oh-so fragrant: there's nothing more satisfying than the post-blow dry swish. Just like that "dentist clean feeling", getting your mane's mojo back is a moment to savour.

I have yet to reach the power bitch point of blow dries on demand, but I have found the next best thing. Behold: Byredo's brand-spanking new Hair Perfume. Let us count the ways:


Chic Paris #1: Holybelly

Photo by Nico Alary
My first tip for anyone visiting Paris is to ignore the obvious tourist traps. Sure, it's nice to pop into Colette, but when it's packed to the brim with camera-wielding voyeurs, it feels less like fashion's favourite concept boutique, more like an Apple store. Of course, I understand the allure of stopping by the plucked-from-a-postcard landmarks, but I promise Paris has a whole lot more to offer.

Much like London and New York, Paris is a hub of creativity, with sparks flying in design, music, and everything in between. Le Marais is the undisputed capital of cool, punctuated with niche bookshops, organic foodie spots and, naturally, great coffee/brunch joints. It's a great place for style-conscious first-time visitors on a budget. It's also got hipster/basic bitch written all over it, but don't let that put you off.


Ooh La La: Le Crazy Horse

Image by Riccardo Tinelli 
The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Le Crazy Horse. Though a cabaret may not be an obvious option for your first trip to Paris, Le Crazy Horse is in a league of its own.

Founded in 1951 by Alain Bernadin, the show fuses artistic impulse with incredible design, shaped by cultural influences. A Parisian institution, standing pride of place on Avenue George V, the cabaret has played host to all manner of extraordinary "Guest Creatures" including Dita Von Teese and Beyoncé (she filmed the promo for 'Partition' there, don'tcha know). Choreographed and styled to perfection, each and every show is a masterpiece.


You Saucy Scoundrels

London-dwellers will know there is no shortage of cocktail bars in the capital. For every budget, every occasion, there’s a watering hole to suit. From speakeasies, so many speakeasies, through to tequila taquerias and craft whisky pop-ups, us French 75-swigging sorts are spoiled for choice.

The only chink in the armor is the lack of fabulous central spots. In a sea of All Bar Ones and high-end, high-cost haunts, it’s tricky to find somewhere fun and fabulous for a little post-shop pitstop. Well it was, until Cahoots showed up and changed the game.

Nestled away in a disused underground station beneath Kingly Court, Cahoots is the latest venture from the Inception group. Taking its cues from post-war Britain, this swinging party spot is decked out like a 1940s tube carriage with mismatched furnishings and bunting a-plenty. Bustling with swing dancers, piano sing-songs and, of course, delectable cocktails, it’s truly one of a kind.


Pre Paris Wishlist

Hefner slippers, £165.00 here

In a matter of days, I am heading to Paris for a lovely Easter mini break. This week, I have spent every lunch hour poring over guidebooks, blogs and Instagram (always a good shout for cool spots off the beaten track), trying to work out exactly where to check in. Three meals a day is just not enough- is it greedy to attempt two lunches? I've managed to find some great little places - with a big thank you to Serena Guen and Erica Berman of Hip Paris - and look forward to sharing these with you after my trip.
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