Well Red...

So, this sad excuse for Summer is nearing its end and we will once again have to cast aside our floaty whites and flirty florals making room for the new fashion season already upon us.
Our light, gentle summer attire is replaced by rich furs and brocades, chunky cosy knits, structured minimalism, military precision, the 'new ladylike' and the colour of the season- Red.

In the midst of standard winter colours- the moss, the
burgundy, the camel, the charcoal- dazzling streaks of
Red peeked through with a hypnotic appeal. Designer of the moment- Isabel Marant showed Winter's coveted tomato leather trousers, Dolce and
Gabbana scattered their classically sexy show with lace-trimmed scarlet satin and Meadham Kirchoff was strewn with slashes of crimson bringing to life their eccentric gothic princesses.

There is something intriguingly beautiful about this particular
colour in Winter. Perhaps its the knowing that Winter will be typically dull and grey? If we all wear that little drop of red beside our dark woolen capes maybe it will brighten our mood that the heavy clouds are dampening. It really is true, a little dash of colour can brighten one's mood like nothing else. Even just a patent clutch, a skinny belt or a Russian Red lip, these little touches invite and encourage compliments and thus bring a smile to our face.

The connotations of red add to its undeniable appeal. Red connotes so many varied emotions and feelings. Danger and love. Evil and passion. Wearing red has an air of mystery to it- a sense of drama. In movies the woman in red is the femme fatale, the dangerous love rival, the woman all girls want to hate, but secretly long to be. Then on a totally different note, red is the colour of romance. So we can wear it and leave them guessing. We can have that flash of a red silken dress under our heavy coat and let them decide if it's romance or danger.

The main attraction of red is its ability to stop the show. To turn heads. Anyone can wear red- any skin tone, any shape, any age- and they are immediately the star in a sea of black and midnight blue. A vibrant red evening dress can give you that moment we all long for when all eyes are on us and we are a celebrity even just for a moment.

So for this dull Winter we can all foresee, the 'it' colour could not be more perfect. So wrap up warm in your camel coat, your shaggy furs and your military cape but when you take them off, make sure that your mysterious glamour shines through in a stunning little red dress.

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