Pretty much all of my wardrobe hails from the mighty H&M but I must confess and say that the shops themselves just aren't all that- there is always too much choice, too many size 6's and too much chaos! But this momentous day in fashion has brought a way around this- H&M's new online shop!

The fashion chain always manage to present such expensive-looking pieces at such good prices and now we won't miss out on them with this new website! The site itself is very basic and very easy to use just without the obvious variety seen in the stores.
So here is my pick of the best bits and bobs on the H&M website!
Clockwise from top left we have a beautiful bargain flying jacket at just £24.99, a decadent camel coat at £59.99, a cute little military jacket at £14.99, on-trend faux leather trousers at £19.99, ultra stylish lace-ups at £29.99, designer-esque taupe wooden heeled boots and finally this lovely little leopard print dress at just £12.99! The bargains here are just crazy and the perfect wardrobe update! No longer do we need to scour the rails for that cute little dress but we can just hop online to!

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