Tres Chic at VB

Now i'd be lying if I were to say that I have always been a fan of Victoria Beckham- plastic hair extensions and mahogany tans are always enough to envoke dislike in any fashion lover- but in the past few years, things most certainly have changed. Public WAG-adoration has moved on to stunning, spritely Cheryl and VB has thus managed to shake off that three letter burden and move on to bigger, better things showcasing a perfect new collection in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Now here is a woman who has totally earned her fashion stripes. She has a range worn by celebrities across the globe as well as real women- whom she seems to cater for with her flawlessly cut, shapely silhouettes. She has a talent and dresses so stylishly- she is beautiful but not off-puttingly so: there is far more to the fashion power that is VB.

Her latest collection is just beautiful. Such luscious colours and fabrics. Cuts made to make the most of a womanly figure. All with a minimal, focussed style and a nod to the 1960s and glamour. Dress shapes ranged from relaxed draped silk to fit-and-flare cocktail gowns each looking as delectable as the last.

So as you can see for yourself, this is no longer a glossy doll hanging off David's arm- this is a truly excellent fashion designer with a great eye who deserves her place firmly in the New York fashion elite. (see more of the show at
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