A Fur Coat...

Browsing the shops of Edinburgh in typical gentle rain with a bitter chill, I find myself gazing at various window displays dripping with a variety of honey and jewel-hued attire longing for the party season to final awaken. Softly beaded shift dresses dance to life in my head as gleaming shoes adorn my feet with soft leather and sugary embellishment... Fashion escapism really is the best, isn't it?
In reality though, I shiver away in my discreet little jacket and dress. I glance briefly at a rich cream fur coat in a window, when it finally dawns on me- Winter is the one season in which an impossibly glamorous item of evening-wear can be enlivened during the day. The fur coat.
We all have one (or we all should), that little morsel of strokeable luxury that resides in our wardrobe. Be it Hermes or H&M, the beauty is the same. A fur coat is that portal to the past, a time where women were all about beauty and glamour. Of course, I am talking primarily about the 1960s.
Though fur coats can be traced back long before the 60s, this is the period that I find synonymous with them. Edie Sedgwick looked fantastic in hers, all pixie crop and gamine charm with an a-line coat and fluffy collar- the look was fun but sophisticated, sexy but elegant. The same goes for the more polished ladies of the 1960s. Beehives and eyeliner, these ladies adopted the fur coat as the most decadent way to stay warm.
Obviously times have changed and this glitzy appeal of the 1960s is all but gone. But we can still pretend.
My (faux) fur coat was picked up last Christmas from Next- not my usual haunt, but this one really was a gem- at just £80. It is a velvety fur, with a relaxed shape and a rich charcoal colour. I wear it with everything from relaxed t-shirts to evening dresses. It really is the most glamorous thing I own, and rescuing it from the gloom of our coat-wardrobe was just so satisfying.
When I put it on, I feel a little better. Very few things have that power- to change the way someone feels about themselves- but I find fur coats can do this easily. Teasing the remarkably light fur over my shoulders, I suddenly don't feel like a pasty schoolgirl anymore. I feel a touch more mature and elegant and this is just the touch that we need on these darkening Winter days.
The tip is, whenever you are feeling your life is getting a little too mild and mundane for your liking- slip on a fur coat and sweep your hair into an up-do. Though things may be getting gloomy, we can always drift into that world of escapism and pretend that we are Edie, Twiggy or Brigitte. All with the magic of a fur coat.
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