I always check out the American Apparel website to see some of the great looks out there in their annual costume contest! Here are my pick of the best ones...

Naturally these require quite a bit of work but I think they are great for a bit of inspiration (LOVE the Juno and Bleeker idea- so cute!). Halloween can be a really tricky time as everyone is wanting to look original and cool- straying from that little red dress with plastic horns.
I have seen some amazing costumes on the American Apparel website (also check out their own ideas using AA garments) but also look around a few other websites for inspiration too, or if you are feeling like something a little daring, look to Heidi Klum and Seal's Halloween parties (and costumes) as they are always totally crazy.
Some of my favourite ideas I have seen out there are Bowie (I am dying to try that lightening bolt), Blondie (so, so cool at the moment), Disney Villains (as seen at MAC), Karl Lagerfeld (amazing!), Bardot or Edie (such icons) and don't forget that it always looks great when you put your own spin on something clich├ęd- like this gorgeous girl has done with the cat look- so just have fun with it!

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