It's only Autumn, but...

With the fashion world abuzz with "summer's hottest trends" how can we resist looking at whats sticking around and what is totally out for summer (aviator jackets!) ?
The shows were quite something this season with old time favourites like Chanel and Prada pulling out all the stops, as well as new comers like Mary Kantrantzou and Hakaan showing off just how exciting new fashion is!

So here are some of the hottest trends that i've picked up on for the coming season!

While last season was full of luscious leopard prints, this season took a more novelty approach with animals printed on outfits at Louis Vuitton (as well as aqua zebra print- only Marc Jacobs could make that work!) and Prada (a totally crazy collection but still so cool). I loved these looks as it's so great to see such big fashion names not taking themselves too seriously! Fashion always needs a bit of fun!

Summer Leather
Leather seemed to be everywhere for summer (odd given that it is so uncomfortable in heat!) but it looked absolutely excellent! It was used with cool Americana reference at Balmain and much more elegantly at Chloé. Shows like Richard Nicoll and Marios Schwab used leather with a really edgy style (in tans and black) and though leather in summer sounds so wrong- it looks so good!

It is official- the mini is over! Midi-skirts are so the way forward moving on from last season's ladylike skirts to more floaty calf-length ones. It's either maxi or midi to look really on trend for summer! These are surprisingly flattering and easy to wear as seen at Chloé and Fendi. They are sexy while still so elegant. Love this look!

The 70s
As with Winter, Summer has seen a huge 1970s revival (Harriet Quick at Vogue has pinpointed '73-'74 precisely!). And it is the most glamorous and gorgeous look around this season! See Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Halston among others for that super chic 70s glam look (its all about the flowing silky dresses and polished grooming!)
It is hardly the most conservative of trends and has awful connotations of trashy flouro-pink bikinis- but this season there was definitely something alluring about neon. Everyone from Christopher Kane to Miu Miu brought their collections to life with huge splashes of neon brights from acid green to yellow. Kane opted for really elegant shapes (like twinsets with midi-skirts) in embossed neon leather- classically zany but still really chic. Miu Miu showed a collection peppered with neon brights, bringing out the most covetable heels of the season with their neon details.
Every summer the collections are awash with crisp whites and pretty little white dresses- and this year is no exception! But white never gets boring- this season saw some lovely little white ballerina dresses at Chloé (I fell in love with them!) as well as some really sexy white jumpsuits at Hakaan. White always looks fresh and clean for summer and nothing can beat a white floaty dress on a hot day for easy chic!

This season's shows were made up of a variety of seriously gorgeous colours! Every show involved some dash of colour ranging from rich expensive tones at Marc Jacobs and Lanvin to delicious tangerine at William Tempest and Céline, through some gorgeous pastel shades at Stella McCartney (who also involved a delicious fruit print!) and edgy Burberry Prorsum. This really is the season of vivid colours and there will always be one to suit you! Also red is sticking around from Winter (particularly more coral shades) with gorgeous little red lace dresses appearing at Erdem. Embrace bright shades and don't be afraid to clash them!

Obviously these aren't all the trends for summer but there are a few just to get you thinking about what pieces are wise to buy now! (coral dresses, biker jackets, leather trousers, pretty blouses, midi-skirts (in light fabrics rather than wool) coloured animal prints)
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