All in a Flapper...

Today I decided I would have a nice relaxed afternoon and watch a film with a cup of tea (trying to thaw out!). I pondered over my limited film collection with my hands hugging my mug. I have probably seen every film here a dozen times but I felt a need for a bit of escapism, settling on super slick 'Chicago'- the ultimate guilty pleasure!

I have always loved this musical what with the decadent plot, the glamourous characters and that enticing "Pop... Six... Squish..." of the Cell Block Tango. The film has, above all, so much style. The dazzling setting in 1920s Chicago is spectacular! The scene is set in the city's dark jazz clubs which flood with thick smoke and glitzy sheaths swaying on stunning flapper girls. Looking at these waifs with platinum set curls and rich, burgundy lips got me feeling rather festive. This is the ultimate look to rock this party season.

There are so many offerings for us ladies when it comes to party dresses. We have the hot trend for red, the fierce animal prints, delicious nudes, heavy opulence and so forth... But what if you want to buck these trends? What if you want to do something that's a little bit different? The flapper look is for you.

I'm not saying we have to channel our inner Roxie Hart and bring out a silvery leotard dripping in crystals, ready to drape ourselves over a piano. I am talking about a modern way to do flapper girl. As ever, Mossy and Sienna have got it to a t- a dress flowing with beads and tassels, paired with nonchalant hair and smoky eyes. It looks jaw-dropping and sexy, while maintaining that allure of a flapper girl. Another great way to keep it 1920s style without risking overkill is to pair with a modern faux-fur coat or a slick blazer (always comes in handy for me- i'm getting to the stage where leaving the house without a blazer is like leaving without keys).

Or if you want to really go for it try with a delightful hair band/turban. The latter sounds somewhat bizarre, but it looks amazing with wavy hair. The finishing touch is that gorgeous flapper make-up (Kate Bosworth has a great look above- modern but still authentic). Just do a subtle smoky eye and a rich deep red lip. Classic and glamourous!

Who'd have thought that a Hollywood blockbuster could be such a style influence?

I have chosen a few gorgeous flapper looks on the high street so we can rock the look without tap shoes and a West-End audience.

Finally, how could you not succumb to the allure of a dress that sways and shimmies as you move? I love it!

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