Do the Dorothy this Christmas

They are possibly the most iconic shoes ever seen- the Ruby Slippers that adorned Judy Garland's feet in that oh-so nostalgic film.

Everyone loves these little sparkling slippers and they are just the perfect amount of kitsch and cool which is what I love Christmas for.

When I saw these Kurt Geiger pumps dancing on a shelve in the Heathrow Terminal 5 concession I couldn't help but fall in love! They are so, so, SO gorgeous! They are the perfect shoe to get that coveted "oooh"-ing and "aaah-'ing wherever you take them.

Are they practical? Not so much...
Are they cheap? Cheaper than Louboutin's...
Are good shoes ever practical or cheap? Nope!

Treat yourself girls!

(get yours at for £100- they are worth it!)

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