A dress just isn't for everyone!

As lovely as wearing a pretty dress at a party can be, it really doesn't appeal to everyone. I'm not meaning 'tomboys' or whatever, but there are people who just don't suit a dress or just like to look a little more striking- a girl in a glamorous tux is much more alluring than a girl in a candy chiffon mini.

The obvious alternative is the jumpsuit which I really do rave about, but all for good reason- it's hugely feminine but still edgy. A playsuit is not as effective (as they are basically dresses), but a jumpsuit can really pack a punch.

Shorts are not an obvious thing to wear at a party, but they can look immensely cool especially if they are in a more glamourous or luxurious fabric like brocade or lace. It's all in how you wear an item- but you definitely don't need to be flitting about in a silky dress to make an impact this party season.

Here are five high street looks that I have put together for those of you who like to steer clear of party conventions!

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