Thinking of summer already?...

I know that Winter has only just hit- unless you are fortunate enough to live in Scotland, where it hit back in August!- with the winter woolies out in force and this years first snowfall today, earlier than ever apparently: white Christmas? No thanks.

I am not miserable or grumpy, but I just can't stand snow! Especially when it turns from that delightful crisp sheet into murky sludge. I suppose I could tolerate it on Christmas day- when i'm all toasty indoors, stuffing my face on turkey and desserts (trifle is my weakness!). But give me a flurry of snow when i'm shopping for presents and I revert to snow-hating! Plus my hands can't handle the chill, despite efforts from fleece-lined mittens (my latest H&M purchase, so adorable!)

Eek. I just can't help but dream of summer- relaxing by the pool with a good book (okay, magazine...) and a glass of ice-cold Diet Coke... If only it were summer just now.

Winter's not all sludge and soggy socks though, it's also the time of year where we get an excuse to dress up to the nines- Christmas and New Year are always the most fun times! So maybe there is a way of enjoying this sparkling festive atmosphere while still craving summer:
working next summer's trends this party season!

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