The New Trouser Shape!

With the 1970s trend set to be hot for Summer and this season's key piece the trousers- why not try something a little different? If you are a little tired of working a tapered shape or the ubiquitous skinny-fit, the time has come for something a little more elegant: wide-legged trousers.

You probably associate these with older, sophisticated women but this style can actually look very cool and current. Look to the ChloƩ show with all those camel-trousers paired with nonchalant denim shirts (most stylish I have seen are at Zara) where the look was relaxed but still polished. The trousers needn't be overtly dramatic (i'd avoid ruffles and frills on this one-volume on top+volume on bottom= unwanted bulk) just keep it minimal and chic and make sure that your trousers have a high waist.

In terms of styling- avoid that "office" look by steering clear of white shirts and dull blazers. Blouses are great to keep it feminine and cool but make sure it is a tailored blouse rather than something billowy. A really cool way to wear these trousers is with a tight vest top and statement jacket (something patterned for day or sequinned at night) that nips in at the waist. Always belt these trousers and wear with heels so they you don't look swamped!

TOP TIP: If you want these to be more of an investment, purchase in a light fabric- just not linen!- so that they aren't too heavy to rock with silky halters come summer!

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