Do it like Alexa!

If you, like Alexa (in Valentino with Louis Vuitton shoes), love a pretty dress you will adore Topshop's latest offering. It is just stunning!

If ever I have seen a designer-like dress on the high street: this is the one! It's very Erdem in it's shape and neckline, as well as the brocade pattern. The colours keep it chic and versatile for Winter and it ticks all the boxes for that gorgeous, but tricky, ladylike trend.

Keep it elegant with a fur coat (this cream one is lovely and versatile) and add some pointed heels (these Zara ones are so like the Louis Vuitton ones that everyone wore this season, just minus the bow- that block heel is so chic) and finish off with a delicate pouch bag.

It couldn't be easier- so make like Alexa and try a more elegant party dress!

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