Future Trend!

I have quite a penchant for flimsy patterned blouses- even if it does make me sound like an old lady- as they are just so easy to throw on with jeans and simple flats, and it always looks elegant and relaxed.

The cool patterns to rock just now are tattoo print (if you can find an elegant one on a budget, i've had no such luck yet!) and 70s florals.

I'm kind of raving about 70s looks just now, but it is really fashionable and is set to be even more so come summer, which brings me to this little River Island beauty (above). The colours are subtle enough to work under a camel coat this season, but flirty enough to look cute with denim shorts come summer (can't wait!)

It really is lovely and, at £34.99, a bargain wardrobe update!

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