High street, high fashion!

I recently did a post on girls rocking a tux ("Suits You Ma'am!") and I can't help but love the look! Browsing Topshop's website today, I saw this lovely twist on the look- but would you dare to wear an ivory 70s style suit?

You would need serious confidence, not to mention a flawless figure, to pull this off- but can't you imagine it looking great?! The perfect way to channel that super cool Studio 54 look, just wear with an elegant camisole and towering heels. Heels are a total essential to add height and make the look more flattering, go for simple ones to be safe or go totally on-trend with a pair of huge platforms (Topshop and River Island do my favourites!).

It's quite a light and summery look, thus easily brightening up a Winter's evening... I couldn't pull it off- but it could look fantastic on some!
Kate Moss (as, with me, everything comes back to the mighty Kate) once wore a white suit with such nonchalance just teaming with a white vest and tan- do you think you could pull it off too?
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