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Every season, fashion-lovers everywhere find a new starlet to obsess over and obsess over until they are passé. (see Taylor Momsen, Pixie Lott, the Geldof girls- actually any celebrity offspring will qualify).

We had the Cheryl Cole national obsession, but the backlash has begun what with her dubious wardrobe choices and cheap-looking hair. It's really unfair- she's still beautiful and adorable, but we just LOVE Dannii now don't we?

They've all had their moment of fashion stardom, but very rarely does someone come along with elegance and something a little bit original- not Lauren Conrad Hollywood gloss, not Pixie Geldof "camden cool"- but something fresh?

I think that the style icon du jour may just have longevity- Emma Watson is the envy of every girl in the world with that gamine crop and fantastic style.

She looks endearing, not overtly sexy. She cut off all her hair showing real fashion prowess and she's beautiful but not threateningly so- she genuinely seems lovely. And then there's the wardrobe. The Burberry trenches, the Chanel Haute Couture, the William Tempest back when he was new on the scene, and the latest- a patterned Dion Lee dress to die for. Oh the envy.

But she never looks like her outfit came straight out of the lookbook, it's always with that little twist. Even when she rocked a risque Rafael Lopez for Atelier Mayer lace mini, she looked classy and wore it with effortless aplomb.

Her style essentials are sexy little black dresses in a variety of styles and textures (for velvet look to Asos & Topshop, and for lace try Reiss & Whistles), a few statement dresses in bold prints or flirty shapes, slouchy knitwear and cigarette pants for casual (Topshop and Zara do amazing knitwear at the moment), she always rocks a trench- as the face of Burberry Prorsum- but the high street is always full of these, which you could just customise with studs or ruching. Finally, her accessories are usually quite subtle with an edge- essentials include simple ballet pumps and a really luxe handbag (French Sole have the ultimate ballet pumps, and Zara have some lovely designer-esque bags!)

We definitely haven't seen anything like this since Alexa- but girls, d0n't all dash for the pixie crop, if we see it everywhere it'll just ruin her kooky charm! Then she'll just be cast atop a pile of models-turned-actresses and stroppy teen stars.
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