The Wardrobes We Envied in 2010!

Next up in my list of the most stylish ladies of 2010, comes someone who is extremely daring and does high fashion but with a fun twist.

Anna Dello Russo is currently the editor of Vogue Japan, and this year she has really burst into the mainstream with her FANTASTIC outfits at fashion week. She is Italian-born and has spent much of her life working with Vogue (Italia, L'Uomo and Japan), she is totally fabulous and her blog ( is up there as one of my favourites! She was the cover of Sunday Times Style earlier this year, and her totally crazy dress sense was praised by so many! She just does not do minimalism, and her look is very much what fashion should be: fun.

She is quoted as saying "Reality for me is too tough. Fashion is an escape. Is my addiction! Is better than drugs" which is such a lovely quote- fashion shouldn't be as serious and stern as some take it, it's supposed to be about escapism and fantasy, and this year Anna Dello Russo has worn some outfits that are nothing but fantastical.

What I love most about Anna, is that she seems likeable and fun. She does not feel a need for a frosty exterior or to be mysterious- she wears as she desires and looks beautifully eccentric. Her style is near-impossible to emulate (Watermelon headdress, anyone? Even fellow style icon SJP was astounded!) which is what makes her such an icon- and so unique. Here are some of her hottest looks of this year as she shot to fashion superstardom!

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