The Wardrobes We Envied in 2010!

It is quite a rarity in the fashion industry to have a complete reinvention. It's easy to change your image from day to day- grungy one day, girly the next- but it is not easy to change so many people's skewed opinions of you. One woman has done this so spectacularly and 2010 has very much been her year.

Once a living Barbie-doll with a deep tan and extensions, Victoria Beckham has managed to shake off that burdensome "WAG" title and has become something of a fashion superpower. She dresses beautifully- once outfits lifted straight from the look-book with extreme cleavage, now delightful structured dresses and subtle grooming. She has become understatedly glamourous and that deserves recognition.

And she has done pretty well on the business side of things too! She had that whole DVB success with the sunglasses and jeans (starting at the height of her WAG-ness) and then she moved into high fashion territory, turning her hand to designing dresses which have been extremely well-recieved. And this year she added a range of super-luxe handbags. Her recent work on her collections has been totally fantastic, she blends dreamy sculptural details with shapes to flatter every figure- ranging from 60s shifts to floor-sweeping gowns. Despite how much some people wanted to hate her collections, and how much they searched for criticisms- it is undeniable, the girl has talent.

Gone is the silly pout and peroxide pob, Victoria's look has gone sophisticated and chic this year. It's all elegantly tailored shifts in colour pops with amazing bags and shoes, or it's an edgy tux or sexy Isabel Marant leathers-which she rocked with a nonchalance that would have made WAG Posh shudder. She has an enviable collection of handbags (namely Hermes, so jealous!) and shoes that we all dream about. She doesn't really do vintage or high-street, but that is the beauty of Posh. Her style is easy to copy but unaccessible to most- her wardrobe is the stuff of fantasy!

She has won over all her critics and people no longer see a silly WAG in hotpants, they see a woman with immense talent and extreme fashion credentials. Not to mention likeability! She seems so adorable and is said to be absolutely hilarious, she has turned her image on it's head and represents a new elegance that we all want to adopt. 2010 belonged to Posh!
Victoria Beckham collection S/S 2011

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