Who do you dress for?

We've all seen it: the girls in the short, tight, low dresses with their legs out whatever the season and the lethal high heels. They are everywhere from upmarket nightclubs to teenage parties, it seems as though some girls are in a never-ending battle to see who can wear less!

A crop top here with hot pants there, and the big freeze seems to pose no threat to the indestructible youth of great britain! There is no doubt about it- these girls can look amazing, and there is nothing wrong with dressing to impress. We all love to feel good about ourselves, and a compliment always gets a smile, but should we really dress for men? Or should we dress for us?

I know which category I fall under, shying away from body-con dresses for as long as I can remember. I dress the way I want to, falling in love with a dress then pairing it with a blazer to add a bit of edge, or detract from my less than toned figure. Maybe i'm just jealous of all the girls who carry off a strapless, bandage mini like Cheryl or the girls who set tongues wagging everywhere they go- but I just couldn't dress that way. Probably because I love fashion, and men don't.

Take Sarah Jessica Parker. Ask a boy what they think of her and you'll probably hear something ridiculous like "ugly". She really should have got her nose fixed and her boobs done, right boys? It's always nice to have yet another plastic-fantastic Hollywood star. She, or more pointedly Carrie Bradshaw, is a man's nightmare- whereas she is a girl's dream. All those labels, the shoes, the bags! She wears high-end fashion like turbans and extravagant ruffles, she wears Vivienne Westwood to her wedding- she embraces fashion, which a lot of men just don't get. So that's why she's the 'Worlds Unsexiest Woman'- really Maxim? Get a grip... I suppose she must be totally disgusting compared to the female cast of Hollyoaks.

I do think that a lot of men just don't get fashion. Trouser shapes are a controversial one with some guys- skinnies are pretty much the be all and end all. They won't be crazy for the 1970s flares, or the tapered peg shape- harems just looked like nappies as far as most were concerned. Too much detail and men lose interest, too much jewellery and they think you are channelling a rapper. It's not that boys don't want girls to look stylish, but they'd rather it was more subtle.

There is obviously nothing wrong with wearing clothes that men love- take Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole. Yes they are totally stunning, but if they dressed more directionally (wearing a new designer doesn't always count Cheryl) they probably wouldn't have such a strong male following. A lot of their appeal is the way they dress, and they tend to dress for men. It doesn't make them any less likeable, though, it's just a personal preference.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wear something that you know the opposite sex will appreciate. Just as there is nothing wrong with wearing something to look fashion forward. It's all how you feel and how you want to express yourself. If you feel yourself in American Apparel disco pants and a Topshop bralet, then why not? And if you feel yourself in slouchy layering with statement jewellery, go for it.

There is always a happy medium though. There are the boys that just get fashion, that think high-fashion looks cool rather than naff. Or there are ways of making fashion look attractive- the leathers, the LBD's the leopard prints.

It's always an interesting thought though... Who do you reckon you dress for?

by Shona Wallace
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