Style Resolutions!

This would be my first post of 2011, and what better way to kickstart the new year than a piece about new years resolutions.I'm not talking about "i'll try to lose a few pounds" or "cut down on the booze", which seem so insignificant when faced with a box of chocolates or an exotic cocktail. No, i'm talking about a different kind of resolution- of the fashion variety.

2010 gave us some gorgeous trends each season, but there have been a few flops on the style front. So i've chosen five style rules that I think we should all try and adhere to for 2011, based on some of my mistakes in the past!

1. I will not shamelessly emulate anyone else's style. We've all done it. Seen someone famous rocking an outfit and trying to copy it. I don't mean taking inspiration from someones look, i'm talking about when we mimic a whole outfit. Just because it looks good one them does not mean it'll work for us! I've been guilty of this in the past year, namely the clogs (eugh). I saw Alexa Chung in Vogue wearing a pair of Chanel clogs with ripped jeans and a blazer, it seemed a really relaxed way of wearing clogs so I couldn't resist a £20 pair from Primark. Most ridiculous buy of the year. I looked okay in my Alexa ensemble, but a lot more naff than the lady herself. Also, clogs are just ridiculously impractical. Lesson learnt: take inspiration, but leave it at that.

2. Impulse buys always result in regret, and an empty purse. Once again, the clogs apply. They were a summer must have, usually I try to stay away from single-season pieces but these just pulled me in. Parting with that £20 was a big mistake, I could have bought a new foundation! Now the clogs lie at the bottom of my shoe basket under my bed, poor things don't even get to sit in my wardrobe with the rest of my heels. Instead they are stuck beside a pair of Fendi pumps that I splurged on in Rome, but without realising how impractical hot pink actually is! Then there was my totally random Alexander Wang moment, where I thought a pair of stone acid-wash Topshop leggings would look so New York grunge! Eek. This year I think I probably spent about £200 on things that I rarely wear. Must not repeat this in 2011...

3. Crop tops will never look chic on anyone above size 8. Some would say that crop tops can never look chic, full stop. But I happen to disagree, if you look at Hakaan or Alexander Wang's collections the crop tops are super edgy and very cool. But NOT on anyone without a model figure- that's where the line should be drawn. I'm sure that summer 2011 will bring out another wave of crop tops, but I for one wont be joining in! I did buy a couple of crop tops this year, but for layering more than anything else. There was a time where I wore a cropped jumper with jeans, and it really wasn't a great look for me and my less-than lithe figure! I've seen a few people wearing crop tops when they really shouldn't, and I don't understand why- there are so many other ways of showing a little flesh. I think i'll leave the torso-baring to Shakira this year...

4. When shopping, I will focus on quality, not quantity. This one is a tricky one for me to master. Cheap is so cheerful! I just can't resist a couple of Primark dresses when they are £10 a pop. But it does all add up, and then you realise you have spent all your Christmas money on tat. This year I will shop with care and focus on buying quality and simple pieces. This goes for anyone, whether your idea of quality is Zara (as it is for me) or if it is Givenchy. Then by 2012 I should have a wardrobe of high quality staple pieces. Ideally.

5. I will not try to be edgy, cool or quirky in 2011. Elegant and chic is the way to go. So 2010 was the year of the woman- all sexy, grown-up glamour. Who knows what 2011 will be like, but with ballerina skirts and flats on the ChloƩ catwalk, i'm guessing it might be the year for understated chic. Fingers crossed, because that is a look that works for anyone! Instead of trying my best to look "cool" (always fails!), I will focus on dressing conservatively and looking stylish.

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