Wardrobe Detox

Today I attempted an actual detox- one of those "nothing but herbal tea and honey" things- it lasted up till I spotted a box of Celebrations sat in the kitchen! However, when browsing the chaotic sales (not my favourite time of year!) I noticed some of spring's new collections coming in- with some gorgeous flirty shapes and pretty shades.

Finally! These little pieces are the perfect thing to bring us out of that hibernation period following all our Christmas and New Year treats. Topshop have provided an online sneak peak at their spring collections and Asos have done the same with some covetable ladylike pieces. We can welcome floral's back along with light trench coats and dainty pumps. Lovely!

And you needn't start panicking about any festive weight gain just yet, these spring looks are soft and feminine and certainly forgiving. They are the perfect way to liven up a heavy winter wardrobe.

So make room in your wardrobe for a couple of spring style treats from Topshop, River Island and H&M!

(click on image to enlarge!)

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