Go East?

The S/S collections were a breath of fresh air- so many beautiful trends to adopt. But one of the easiest to wear for that awkward "I want to wear next season's looks, but it's freezing" phase is the Oriental look. Seen subtly at a number of shows, and all out in satin kimono's at Louis Vuitton, the look is so pretty and relaxed.

And there is one particular item that'll bring you up to date... before you start searching for a fetching conical hat!

It ticks all the boxes for me- upper arm coverage but still pretty and cool. A light kimono jacket could not be hotter right now, and it works for evening or day.

Just sling it over a LBD and pile on some quirky jewellery and pair with towering wedges for a stylish but nonchalant evening look, or just shrug it on over a vest and jeans for a nod to next season.

Get yourself one at Zara, Topshop and Asos, I have my heart set on the Zara one- gorgeous!

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