Sugar Sweet Summer!

Here in Edinburgh we have seen a little bit of sunshine over the past few days, and being Scottish, we have whole-heartedly embraced this first glimpse of spring with girls shunning their jackets and throwing on their denim shorts with- SHOCK HORROR- no tights! It's still absolutely freezing, but at least that horrible snow and sludge has gone.

Yes, spring has finally arrived with crocus' and tulips cropping up all over the place and that powder blue sky. It's time to immerse ourselves in chiffon and florals and welcome the warmer months with open arms.

What i've noticed while i've been drooling over the summer collections is that this season we can all sweeten up a little bit. Mary Kantrantzou pinpointed Ladurée as her inspiration for S/S 2011, and various other designers featured dusty pastels that looked good enough to eat- like that delicious buttercream in a macaroon.

As i'm currently dieting in preparation for summer's unforgiving bikinis, I have started to get extremely over-excited at any mention of desserts. Going on the Ladurée website was far too tempting for me - Caramel with Salted Butter, Raspberry, Blackcurrant Violet... I was genuinely close to tears munching on celery. So maybe I could just settle for wearing a nice flirty colour? Perhaps that would satisfy my ridiculous sweet tooth.

The high street has obvious cottoned on, and they have a rainbow of candied pastels around to coincide with the first burst of spring.

(click on the images to enlarge- if you can't see the font in the lemon one (which is near impossible!) the sleeveless blouse is £32 at Topshop, the skirt is £40 at American Apparel, the midi dress is £30 at Asos and the beaded blouse is £58 at Miss Selfridge. Apologies!)

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