Smoking Hot Miss Moss.

Yesterday's Louis Vuitton show was quite fabulous! As Paris fashion week neared it's close, Marc Jacobs pulled out all the stops with a total hit of a collection.

It was all a little bit, okay a BIG bit, risqué. Sex sells- and Jacobs certainly knows this. It was a spectacle of uniformed guards, blindfolds, ladies in discreet skirt-suits, french maids, S&M, patent leather and handcuffs. And it climaxed with the supermodel of all supermodels making an appearance- Kate Moss strutting down the opulent catwalk, smoking a sultry cigarette.

It was total all-out, unadulterated sexiness. The models strutted about in feathered pants and stockings, perfectly juxtaposed with prim peter-pan collars. It was wearable, just done with a trademark Marc Jacobs slant. The accessories were to die for with cutesy Mary-Jane heels, platformed rubber boots (a little bit welly-esque, but don't let that put you off!) and intensely covetable handbags- like a clutch with that edgy touch of the attached handcuffs.

It's all so decadent, and the clothes themselves are just beautiful with a luxurious repertoire of fabrics and a rich colour palette. I particularly fell for the diamond, sheath dresses of sequins which are the ultimate in eveningwear!

Trust Marc Jacobs to make something so naughty, oh so nice!

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