One slight flicker of a nice day, and i'm suddenly longing for- as I put it yesterday- "denim shorts and crop tops" and "to run through a field in a maxi skirt!"...

I've yet to actually wear a crop top- and never should do given my fondness for cake (buying the Hummingbird Bakery's latest book was a bad idea- Whoopie Pies are sure to be my "bikini body" downfall.) But this vision of a maxi dress floating in the summer breeze is quite lovely, and browsing the Topshop website I found the most stunning maxi skirt.

It is in a beautiful, vivid print that is reminiscent of a dreamy watercolour; a fusion of sky blue, tangerine, fuchsia and rose with a faded effect. It is far from garish or outlandish, and is a perfect balance of pretty and cool- nothing too sickly sweet. The fabric is light and airy and the shape is perfect for those with slim hips. It channels a bohemian, festival vibe without any novelties like gypsy-style tiers which always remind me of my pre-teen years where I rocked a brown "gypsy skirt" from Tammy... not my finest hour.

It is surprisingly easy to wear if you want to make an impact. I would play on the bohemian vibe with feathers and trinkets, but steer clear of hairbands and OTT rows of beads and pendants... Think nonchalant and understated beauty.

The skirt is £50. Get yours here, and start perfecting your swirl!

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