Addiction du jour!

Me and a friend recently got our ears pierced, in preparation for our all-important prom, and ever since I have been totally obsessed with earrings. We were like children, like the 10 year olds who hit up Claires Accessories for their birthdays and wear little dolphin studs and mini-hoops.

I have bought about six pairs since i've been able to, and my poor earlobes haven't had a rest! I'm like Pat Butcher at any available opportunity- anything from hot pink plastic chandeliers to teeny weeny peace signs. Any excuse to spend a little more it seems.

My signature layered pendants (Urban Outfitters have a gold one with a spoon on it that sent my heart a-flutter today, so cute!) have had their fair share of partners over the years from stacking bangles to seriously glitzy finger bling. Now my necklaces are oh-so lonely without shoulder tickling earrings. My favourites? £2.50 Primark aqua feathers- they look as fabulously tacky as they sound.

Feather earrings are my main obsession at the moment. They have that airy hippy vibe that I have been craving since the Coachella pics had me ooh-ing and aah-ing. Just don't do a make-shift version, ok? I don't think seagull feathers have the same effect....
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