Don't you scrub up well?

I know that this blog is primarily about fashion, but I do have a little bit of a soft spot for beauty products. Okay, a big soft spot. A soft spot pampered by body lotions, butters, balms and other variations of basically the same thing.

I have a whole drawer of miscellaneous beauty products from bath oil to endless cans of dry shampoo- it sounds a dream, but the fact that most of it is almost finished/oozy and sticky makes it less so. However, I can't help but add to this sweet-scented treasure chest every time I go shopping.

As I boycotted the easter eggs, my parents gave me a little bit of money to treat myself so I popped to H&M and purchased a little white top, a pair of feathery earrings (new obsession! they look so nice with wavy hair and smoky eyes) and something from the cheery cheap H&M beauty range.

I love a scrub. Soap & Glory's Flake Away is my budget favourite, while Laura Mercier's Creme Brulée offering is my luxury vice... The whole Laura Mercier Gourmande range often leaves me penniless, because I simply adore sweet scents. However, a £1.99 scrub? Surely that's pushing it a bit.

I bought the Vanilla and Apple H&M scrub, and it's surprisingly lovely. It's a funny colour, and lathers a foamy green, but when used sparingly on my St. Tropez stained legs prior to hopping in the shower- the results were rather impressive. Plus it smells delectable, and looks pretty as a picture on my bedroom shelve.

Certainly worth a purchase next time you are in H&M: it's one of the first impulse buys I have actually been happy with. Next up it'll be the Basil and Pear option! Buy online here.
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