I've got a (girl) crush on you...

Flicking through this weeks Grazia, I read a fabulous piece by Polly Vernon. Polly Vernon is steadily becoming one of my favourite journalists, after a series of witty and honest pieces. This week she produced a great little article about her girl crush. A girl crush has become pretty standard nowadays, and most of us have one. It goes a tad beyond "style icon", being more about overall attraction than it is about fashion. Your girl crush is basically that one celebrity that you see and think- "I wish I was her."

Rihanna is the most obvious one. Polly Vernon joined the ranks of Cheryl Cole and Jessie J in confessing that Rihanna has a little spark that makes her the ultimate girl crush. She referenced her raunchy GQ cover- which is, quite frankly, hot- and her ever-changing style in exploring what makes Rihanna the girl that most of us just "would.". Is it her Amazonian figure, is it her overtly suggestive lyrics or is it just that she seems so sweet? It's all of that, and more.

I certainly understand the Rihanna appeal. She's so womanly and has this fabulous attitude. She dresses in a way that we all would if we were brave enough- all latex and mesh one minute, then flirty, floral bustiers the next- and we love her for it. She simply personifies the type of sexy that all women long to be. For a similar reason, my number one girl crush is Blake Lively. I would kill to have even an ounce of her beauty. Everything from her bouncy blonde hair to her golden tan and wardrobe overflowing with Chanel Haute Couture, Blake makes me swoon.

With Blake Lively, I worship her ability to look fantastic in everything. You can imagine her wearing joggers and a t-shirt and still looking a knockout. She has that "all-American girl" charm that has won over Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and numerous others. She just looks warm and natural and I love/intensely envy her. She can do sexy in razor-sharp Balmain and still look as though butter wouldn't melt.

Having a girl crush is nothing to do with your sexuality, it's simply an admiration. I know of girls with Megan Fox calendars, or posters of Angelina Jolie and I personally have tear outs of Kate Moss emblazoned all over my walls. It's just the latest fad of the moment, and it's pretty normal to harbour a not-so-secret same-sex crush.

Even my mum has one! She is a little bit in love with Nigella, she just idolises her glossy domestic goddess-ness. Her indulgent recipes certainly frequent our dinner table, but my mum simply adores the whole Nigella package: gorgeous looks, an immaculate household, a delightful way with words and glamour that all housewives aspire to.

There are so many celebrities who manage to appeal to both boys and girls equally. Cheryl Cole was probably the first- she's the nations sweetheart and attracts everyone with that twinkly-eyed Georgie charm. Megan Fox is another standard one- primarily because she is just so unashamedly hot. Natalie Portman has the Cheryl-sweetness that lends her girl crush potential, while her Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis has the sultry appeal that makes Fox so alluring.

Here are my top five girl crushes, that I have every pleasure in revealing, and don't forget to vote in my poll on the right!

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