Kate to wear original McQueen?!

Aah. The speculation is officially killing me. Even though the one royal wedding i've been absolutely living for is that of the queen of style Kate Moss, the actual royal wedding has me captivated. My nails are flashing red and blue as I type this up, watching Daybreak updates with bated breath as I wait to see the royal 'yah's' arriving in their droves to watch the beautiful wedding of Catherine and William.

Who's going to wear what? Who's going to be the best dressed guest? Sam Cam is my bet- Erdem is the rumoured label of choice, and Erdem is rarely less than stunning. But what will Kate's dress be like?! She can not opt for Issa- yawn- she can't do something meringue-y (well I hope not) and this could really take her style from- dare I say it- boring to high fashion.

The word is, and has been for a very long time, McQueen. Sarah Burton has always been tipped to design the dress, and i'm so glad because Alexander McQueen is without doubt one of the greatest fashion houses in the UK. But every hour a new snippet of info is speculated surrounding this ever-so closely guarded secret. Yesterday sent fashion lovers all abuzz as a woman- wearing a Burton-esque ensemble of ballet pumps and a signature belt- turned up at Miss Middleton's hotel. (see the story here). And just hours before Kate walks down the aisle to millions of adoring cheers, the buzz on twitter is that the dress was designed by the late Alexander McQueen himself! Either vintage, or from a secret sketch.

Could this get more exciting? Yes! Street parties are already starting, i've seen 'Pin the tail on the Corgi' being played, and Brits are getting royally sloshed across the country. It's all going to be such a happy day, even if you aren't into the wedding itself.

But, so help me, if she wears some silk jersey wrap-dress I may have a cry over my bubbly.

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