The Kooples!

I'm totally skint right now- there is no other way of putting it, I literally have no money for clothes and it's starting to get depressing.

It doesn't help that it's getting lovely and sunny, and i'm longing for some new clothes to liven up my wardrobe. How do I cheer myself up? I go on The Kooples website and compile a wishlist for when i'm in the money (if ever...)

Aah it's all just so cool. The whole brand is fabulous from the name to the ad campaign starring real-life, super stylish couples (ridiculously good looking as well!). And the clothes are just beautiful.

Want to nail the minimal, nonchalant gallic chic look favoured by the Alexa Chungs on the scene? Just head to The Kooples. The prices are quite steep, but still not too out of reach. The look is all fabulous tailoring with soft camis and dresses balanced with edgy accessories like studded pumps and quirky scarves.

You can shop online here, or head to one of the stores. All I need now is some cash and a handsome male model to complete the look- if I could combine the two that'd be ideal!

The pink short suit is my pick- summer city dressing to a t, and I love it on Mikaela in the ad campaign- the red hair looks amazing with the colour!

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