Mummy Cool

It sounds so stupid, but I love Mothers Day. No, I am not a teen mother or intensely broody, it is more the atmosphere that I love. Treating your mum, rather than the other way around, is always quite rewarding- and she deserves it, doesn't she?

Think of all she does for you! She has made you the person you are now, and will always love you unconditionally. So I for one will be spending Sunday pampering my mum: running a bubbly bath with candles and serving up warm Henri's croissants and cappuccinos in bed.

I have a lot to thank my mother for. She puts up with so much and she is still such an inspiration to me, she may lose her temper at times- naturally, given how much stress I cause- but will always be there when I need her most. There really is no relationship like mother and daughter, and I love her to bits!

I also probably would not be this obsessed with fashion if it wasn't for my mum. She has always been so stylish and immaculate, and will always encourage me. And it's also reassuring to know that there is someone genuinely interested in most of my fashion-related rambling.

We look up to our own mothers for guidance and comfort, and here are a few other fashionable mums who just show that being a mum does NOT mean you need to look dowdy- as my mum often proves.

Yasmin Le Bon
She may have the added advantage of being an impossibly gorgeous, leggy supermodel, but Yasmin Le Bon is the classic example of the yummy mummy. She dresses with edge but still manages to look age-appropriate. Oh the envy!
Kate Moss
Everyone who knows me, knows about my infatuation with the worlds favourite supermodel- but it's often easy to forget that the stunning Kate is also a mother! And she has still got the sex appeal that made her such a star. She is the most rock'n'roll mother you could imagine and she will never, EVER become a dowdy mum!
Gwyneth Paltrow
You have to hate her really, don't you? One minute she is simply your bog-standard Hollywood movie star, then the next she is the idyllic Goop-writing, couture wearing, all singing all dancing image of perfection! She has it all really doesn't she? She has impeccable style and always looks flawless. And she's a mother of two. She must have a rough day once in a while? Surely.
Emmanuelle Alt
Emmanuelle Alt is the definition of a a cool mum. So cool it hurts. She always looks so sharp, so serious but still so enviably chic! All leather pants, Isabel Marant and Balmain. Do all Parisian mum's look like this? Also check how stylish her little girl is! Seriously depressing when a 6 year old looks more chic than me...

Jo Wood
I love Jo Wood's sense of style. She ignores all the style rules of giving up on leather trousers or skinny jeans when you hit a certain age, and she still manages to look extremely chic and hot! She is one gorgeous, glamourous mum. And she does that whole organic, eco beauty range thing- extra points on the yummy mummy chart there! I hope I look this fabulous when i'm in my 50s!
Samantha Cameron
Whether you love or hate Mr. Cameron, you can not deny that the Camerons are a lovely, genuine family. And I have a bit of a soft spot for Sam Cam! Granted, her style is not really a big influence for me, but she always looks so immaculate and put-together. She has a classy, chic and timeless look that never looks OTT. Her style is approachable while still being elegant. I kind of love her! Even if Dav Cam isn't my favourite person in the world....
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