Pretty, Pretty Pleats!

I love looking at old photos. I can escape for hours with the dusty old photo albums nested behind our computer. Even though there are three entire albums of my older sister, and only one of me- which she likes to claim is because she was "clearly a much cuter baby!"- the photos always make me laugh, cry and cringe.

While I love the pictures of me and my sister posing in dresses made from bubble wrap and foam- I was a baby Gaga, dontcha know?- my favourites have to be the ones from the ballet shows. Hair scraped up into a slick bun with a little red lippy and rosy cheeks, I smile at the camera and curtsey in a little aqua pleated skirt and ballet shoes- once a poser, always a poser! And even if I do say so myself, I looked rather cute.

Pleated skirts still have a little place in my heart and i'm sure they always will. It's that feeling of prettiness isn't it? A little femininity that is always welcome. How else would that candy-pink Whistles skirt have been so popular that various stocks have sold out? From this summers' ChloƩ midis (obsessed? surely not...) to last seasons Zara leather mini, i'll always want to feel a little like that wee girl waiting to tip-toe around stage. Even if I am off to uni next year.

My prom dress has a similar look to it- it's just my comfort, all this peachy chiffon. And this week, I purchased this H&M dress (below- £29.99). I absolutely love the dress (the Conscious collection is laaavely!) and I put it on and fell in love- it moves so nicely and almost, almost reminded me of the ChloĆ© dresses that I just can not get over.

Here are a few of the finest pleated offers around to get you that lovely ballerina moment that I often covet. (click on the image to enlarge!)

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