Why dress down when you can dress up?

I love Topshop- it makes you feel so fashion-forward without having to splurge on the latest designer. Having recently been besotted with their MeadhamKirchoff range, I have now fallen for their much anticipated "Dress Up" Topshop project- which is all about stunning party dresses and how you wear them!

It's all about the details from glitter-heavy eyelids to metallic nails and feathered accessories- it's just such a covetable collection and look.

And, my my the dresses are phenomenal. They don't come cheap as usual but they aren't extortionate really! It's all a mix of pretty pastels, studded leather, mesh all muddled with multi-coloured sequins. The stand out piece for me is the £175 Fairground beaded dress which is just calling to be sashayed around a glamourous party- champagne flowing, naturally.

The campaign shots are fabulous- all showing off how to rock the dresses in your own unique way, so nobody need look the same! To coincide with the dresses release, there were also some fabulous in-store events (I would be on holiday at the time of the Edinburgh one- just my luck, eh?). Also Topshop, finger on the pulse, sent legendary fashion blogger Yvan Rodik around some of the coolest parties to snap the coolest girls at their dressed-up best. Serious style envy going on here (check it out here) - why can't I look that cool at a club?

And as if the launch wasn't enough, they even have a competition to win a dress every month for a year! Because "a girl can never have too many dresses!"... Couldn't agree more Toppers, and this Dress Up collection is just what my wardrobe needs.

Shop the collection here. The cream pleated number has my name all over it...

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