And so the revision goes to one side...

My first exam this term comes in 10 days. Friday the 13th of May, and i'm seat 13... Great. I'm the most pathetically superstitious person in the world, once trapping my finger in the front door searching for a second magpie- talk about sorrow!

The only consolation would be that my first exam is English, probably my strongest subject and, if not, my favourite. And while my revision thus far has been, shall we say, negligible, i'm sure I will have some sudden burst of stress that will send me headfirst into my doodle-emblazoned folder. Any day now i'm expecting, given that i'm starting to panic about the fact i'm not panicking.

I've been pretty good in limiting distractions recently. I've come to realise that Facebook is actually pretty pointless, and dull, so i'm trying to wean off it and instead of watching rubbish on television (with the exception of TOWIE, naturally) I use revision breaks to blog. The trickiest part has been the magazines. Resisting the Royal Wedding specials of my favourite weeklies has been hard, and probably won't last very long. Especially as the latest issue of Vogue hits the shelf tomorrow, and it looks a good'un.

So my Chekhov and Duffy notes will be spending yet another day gathering dust in the corner of my room, as I escape in a world of "summer chic" courtesy of my beloved British Vogue.
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