The Beauty of a British Icon

Love her or hate her, you can not deny that Kate Moss has effectively been the face of British style for decades. I've always been a Moss-worshipper, and I will forever have her back if someone makes a nasty comment about her beauty or purpose... It's like blasphemy to me. I just think there's a sparkle to Kate that is so hard to identify, yet seems absent in so many of the young stars that are vying to steal her crown.

I've got an exam tomorrow, so my time to write this post is limited until my guilty conscience takes over and lures me back to my notes. So you have been spared a good couple of paragraphs about why I am weak at the knees for Miss Moss (soon to be Mrs. Jamie Hince... don't worry, the royal wedding didn't make me forget Kate's upcoming nuptials- I'm still pretty much BUZZING).

However, I felt a post was in order regarding a photography exhibition underway at Paris' prestigious 'le Galerie de L'Instant' dedicated to the girl who revolutionised the way we see beauty. The collection of shots, from a number of the world's most celebrated photographers, is on display until the 14th of September, and if you have the chance I think it'd be a worthwhile trip. A gallery spokesperson told

"The exhibition is a homage, not only to her beauty, but also to her intelligence"

Here are some of the most stunning shots. She is an icon of modern times, and these images define the time when Kate dominated mainstream fashion. See more here.

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