Class of 2005 - 2011

because I remember the years by the Vogue covers

Just last week, me and my friends celebrated our last ever day of high school. So long crumpled shirts and early mornings, and the germ-infested common room, and hello summer...The weather hasn't quite caught on yet, mind you.

While we still have exams on, never again will we have a whole day stuck in school and I can't wait for a lovely long summer before I head for uni (eek!). As bored of sixth year as I was, I couldn't help but feel a little bit upset- as seen in my welling up as we watched a slideshow of photos from our years at school. I'm really going to miss everyone, but it's time to start something new, eh?

I thought, to pay homage to the years I spent in high school, I would do a sort of fashion time-line from my first year of school in 2005 to 2010 (as 2011 isn't over yet, and I got a little lazy). The key stories, the trends that we would often like to forget and the pop culture that shaped our days at school. Enjoy!

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