How "whoa" could you go?

Bright blazer? Yeah, I could manage that. Colour-pop heels? Definitely. Patterned trousers? If you wore them right, I suppose... All three? No chance.

Sound familiar? I, for one, am annoyingly “safe” in my style and even I am starting to get bored of the little H&M black blazer that is permanently attached to my every outfit. I need a bit of life in my wardrobe, and don’t we all?

These trousers certainly fit the bill. Patterned trousers have been cool for ages, and I had to double take when I saw this Topshop pair which are near identical to a patterned Erdem (♥) pair that were featured in this weeks Grazia. They are damn pretty and look like they cost a good bit more than their modest price tag of £30. But how would you wear them?

When I first saw them I thought blazer, blazer, blazer... I think it’s an addiction. However, they are the perfect base for a lot of cool outfits, despite initially seeming a bit outlandish. Patterned trousers are very much a love-hate thing for a lot of you, but perhaps I can convert you with this post?

Instead of focussing on my usual “daytime” or “evening” looks, I thought i’d put together a few possible looks for our varying levels of fashion aplomb. These aren’t trousers fit for a shrinking violet, but they needn’t be OTT.

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