Miu Miu's latest face.

Miuccia Prada really is one of the most powerful women in fashion. Link this to my last post (read it below) about Lindsay Wixson and her rising star in the fashion industry- it arguably all started for Wixson with a Miu Miu campaign.

A Miu Miu t-shirt was the first big label I had in my wardrobe. A black jersey t-shirt, gathered at the front with a tiny stripe of black satin between two thinner ribbons of orange in an Art Deco-esque decoration. It was the cheapest thing in the Florence shop, but was still gorgeous. I remember being infatuated with Miu Miu at the time, the kitsch-cool aesthetic that made Prada's sister label so covetable, and I saved up my holiday money to purchase something in the Florence boutique. I remember trying it on and falling a little bit in love, as you do. The shop assistant then handed me it in a little plastic bag, made to resemble bubble-wrap, and I was in Miu Miu paradise. Since then i've built up a little Miu Miu collection, thanks to the amazing outlet 'Space' in Tuscany (seriously, Italy's best kept secret- Jil Sander, Miu Miu and Prada all in a very organised and cool store with some amazing reductions!) So, basically, Miu Miu is always going to have a little place in my heart.

The ad campaigns are one of the label's greatest strengths. Who can forget the Lindsay Lohan-fronted campaign? The Vanessa Paradis one? Winona Ryder? I can still picture all these campaign shots, and the latest name to add to the list is a Hailee Steinfeld. The 14 year-old star of True Grit has always rocked a Miu Miu frock, and they have returned the love bringing her in to front the label.

Can't wait to see the shots, i'm expecting something quite feminine and sweet, but it wouldn't be unlike Ms. Prada to defy expectations!

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