The Secret Garden

I just can't wait to move to London later this year! I'm a bit fed up of missing out on the fantastic fashion/culture/music/art offerings that the capital specialises in. And here's yet another one to feast your eyes on.

Everyone knows i've got a soft spot for Toppers, especially how they champion Brit designers. The MeadhamKirchhoff collections have been some of my favourite and now they've taken it to a whole new level.

So if you are in London or New York tomorrow (lucky you!), be sure to head to Topshop Oxford Street and see if you can uncover the MeadhamKirchoff pop-up boutique entitled "Wild at Heart". The boutique is pretty much under wraps at the moment but will be made from real flowers and stock an eclectic treasure trove of treats from Pamela Love, Ann-Sofie Back, Unique, Boutique and Nazir Mazhar among others. Oh how you spoil us Topshop!

It will also be online as of tomorrow. Read more here, as well as entering for a chance to win £500 "flower-inspired wardrobe"... Yes please!
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