Splash, Swoon, So-Long

A standard weekday for me: I get home from school, make myself a cuppa, sit down in front of my laptop and head straight to SW Fashion. But recently i've been having a bit of a struggle thinking of things to write about, given that my mind is often filled with cries of "YOU SHOULD BE REVISING". So imagine my joy when yesterday I got in and had a sudden burst of inspiration. I wrote out a full piece in about half an hour, and I was pretty chuffed with it, only to realise i'd already written about it a couple of months ago. A bit rubbish, really.

So last night I had a think, and scribbled down a few notes in my bedside notebook. I have come to realise that, in order to avoid future bloggers-block, I should have a regular feature on my blog.

And here goes. "Splash, Swoon, So-Long" is my new weekly post which I will try to keep up. I will include something worthy of "splashing" the cash on, something that has me "swooning" and something that i'd like to see the back of ("so long"). The title may be a little bit novelty, but I hope you like it!

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