Splash, Swoon, So long!

This weeks "Splash, Swoon, So Long" comes courtesy of ooh-la-la lingerie.

Like every girl, I am partial to some pretty underwear and am a firm believer that wearing nice lingerie makes you feel that little bit better. In Edinburgh, we are blessed to have a lovely, luxury boutique called Boudiche (also with a branch in Glasgow's Merchant City), with the most beautiful selection of lacy goods from brands like Mimi Holliday and La Perla. It is a touch out of my price range, but it's always worth a visit- if just to feel that little bit more glamourous! You can shop online here, or if ever you visit Scotland, I suggest paying Boudiche a visit.

However, what really prompted this piece was an article I read on The Guardian website about officials in Florida wanting to introduce a ban on those awful low slung trousers that you boys insist on wearing. Read it here.

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