Cheap and Cheerful!

Today I took a little trip to Glasgow. Edinburgh's long-awaited Primark is still a blob of scaffolding, so Glasgow is closest to fulfil my guiltiest fashion pleasure.

Surprisingly full of pretty chic items (lace-trimmed silky shorts anyone? to dieee for!), I couldn't help but splurge my leftover Zante funds on a mix of chiffony tops and jewellery: classic me.

My favourite buy? Has to be this little gem of a satchel. £7 and it could easily pass as vintage, if only half of the UK didn't already have it...

£7 at Primark- fiiit. 

However, the maxi dresses in Primark weren't really doing it for me today. There was a beautiful emerald green number but they didn't have my size and I was left to trawl the high street looking for something cheap and cheerful to wear on my holidays next week.

And cheap I found. The white jersey maxi dress (also comes in aqua and lemon yellow- H&M 'Divided') featured below is perfect to wear with my little cropped denim jacket (M&S kids... not ashamed to admit it!) for day and a sequinned cardi come chilly evenings. And it set me back a sweet little five pound note! It's also the perfect backdrop for my newfound favourite holiday accessories- turquoise jewellery and a (fake) tan.

Bargain hunting's fun, isn't it?

H&M's £5 maxi dress! Worn with ages old Topshop wedges,  a £3 Primark snake pendant and a Topshop ring (which I don't think you can actually see... nice one.) 
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