"Happy, Happy fashion, there's not much more to it than that!"

The title of this post is one of my favourite fashion quotes, coming from the amazing Mr Marc Jacobs. And why do I love it so much? Because fashion is about fun and pleasure- and Marc sure knows that.

From his new collaboration with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (a charming tote bag with a slogan "Fight Like a Girl", read more here) to his risque A/W collection for Louis Vuitton that stole PFW for me (read my "Smoking Hot Miss Moss" piece to refresh your mind!), Marc knows that fashion needn't be taken too seriously all the time!

And his ad campaigns, OH his ad campaigns. Shot by Juergen Teller, they always have a distinctive and memorable impact. Who could forget Victoria Beckham peeking out an oversized Marc Jacobs carrier bag or that 'Bang' campaign fronted by Marc himself?

The latest shock to come from the house of Jacobs would be his A/W campaign star- the totally eclectic Helena Bonham Carter! Love her or loathe her, this is a really fabulous move in my opinion! Here's a lovely little peek as posted by Juergen Teller, and the picture really does embody that idea of "happy, happy fashion!".

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