Have them all fooled.

I don't actually buy a lot of handbags. Well, that's a lie really- I have quite a few, but I only use a couple! So, with the exception of Mulberry, handbags kind of leave me cold- i'm much more of a shoe girl!

However, when shopping for a holiday bag (for my week in the sun kicking off tomorrow- bliss!), I realised how GORGEOUS some of River Island's handbags are!  I often write off River Island as a mecca of neon-bright polo shirts, but this season the womenswear is quite nice really! And these bags could easily be designer! It's all in the gorgeous detailing.

My favourites have to be the green boxy number and the mock-croc one, both designed by fashion editors at Grazia and You magazine to ensure they are as on trend as possible! No one will know it's not vintage/high end!
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