"I feel like i've been cheating on fashion with Zante"

You may have noticed that my posts have been non-existent for over a week now, as I have recently returned from my much-anticipated week in Zante! Many a brain-cell have been destroyed in the week, which was a massive blur of booze and "Bass Down Low", but hopefully i'll be back on form shortly- just bare with me okay? I recently spelt "was" as "wause" and responded to a "thank you for the fathers day present" text message with "sorry my phone deleted my numbers, who is this?"... My oh my.

Well i'm somewhat lacking in inspiration having only just caught up with the goings on in my week away, but I thought i'd just let you know that i'll be back with a better post at some point in the future! Until then, though, I thought i'd post about my post-holiday image overhaul. Okay, it's just a haircut, but it's a start!

I'm bringing my fringe back. Yaaay! I've missed having a fringe and have got a little sick of my tousled, lacklustre blonde look- time for something slicker and sharper! Here are some of my favourite be-fringed ladies out there, as well as a retro snap of me with the original fringe a few years ago! I want something long so I can sweep it to the side, but OBVIOUSLY the picture I shall be taking to the hairdressers will be of Kate Moss in that Longchamp campaign... I couldn't possibly take inspiration from anyone else now could I? 

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