LBD, who?

Nothing beats a little black dress. It's a broad statement, I know, especially in the summer of the colour pop, but I love my (vast collection of) LBDs. Whether it's a strapless number at a party, or a shift dress and flats during the day- it's just got a little sophistication that every lady needs. My suitcase for an upcoming holiday already includes two black dresses- and that's the final cut after initially packing four...

It's slimming, it's forgiving and it doesn't stain (if you keep your foundation and deodorant at bay). It's a girls best friend and I have always been loyal to my LBD.

But i'm fickle when it comes to fashion, and I have been cheating on my old faithful with it's prettier, younger mate. The Little White Dress.

Blame the boys over at Dolce and Gabbana, who set the standards for "new sexy"- suggestion, lace, innocence but with a luscious edge. The lacy look doesn't work for everyone- think Blake Lively: yes, Christine Bleakley: no. But there are other ways to wear the LWD without going down the girlish route.

If you've been shopping recently, you'll notice a lot (a LOT) of white. From jumpsuits to denim, the summer is awash with white with all it's lovely connotations of innocence and ice cream. And this weeks Grazia proclaims the LWD the must have summer piece for festivals, summer weddings, whatever occasion you may be stressing about.

Don't be daunted, or feel bad for leaving your LBD lonely for a season, you'll be back for A/W! Why not just give in to the charms of a LWD for a change? You won't regret it, trust me!

By the way, my suitcase currently contains three. The LWD has triumphed.

And here are a few of the others that have caught my eye:

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