Firstly, sorry that my posts have been few and far between recently. I've been working for exams (it's my last EVER school exam on Tuesday... can't actually believe it!) and have also been involved in a laborious pre-prom-prep schedule of scrub, smooth, tan, hair, mask, mani, pedi etc. It's been oh-so time consuming, but it's just so tough being a girly (or vain) girl!

Anyway, i've given myself yet another night off and thought I should update le blog! And, would you believe it, the sun is shining. Yes, even in Scotland! It's got me all cheery (because i'm intensely moody when it's cold) and I thought i'd do a little post on these gorgeous little hair garlands that have been scattering the shops of late.

They are perfect to top off those sun drenched days when all you want to wear is denim shorts and camisoles!
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