Time for Moss-Stock.

Kate Moss out for lunch yesterday- all in black just days before her white wedding tomorrow. Seriously getting excited now! But no seen of pre-wedding jitters over here!

Kate Moss is my ultimate icon. From where i'm sitting in my bedroom I can count eight images of her, not including my copy of "Kate Moss Style" by Angela Buttolph- my bible. I don't know why I love her so much, or why I want to be her so much, but she is just iconic. From her cat-like beauty to her sultry sexy allure, she embodies all I long to be and her sense of style is always flawless.

I always have Kate's back. Whenever my dad brands her a "junkie", because of that 'Cocaine Kate' scandal, or someone says she looks haggard or even ugly (some people have no taste...) I will always jump to her defence because she is a modern day icon, she has been single-handedly responsible for some of the most poignant fashion moments in recent years and I love her for it! I don't care what some people say.

I want to look like her, I want to dress like her and most of all I want to party like her. And her wedding (tomorrow- would you believe!) is going to be the grandest party of them all! You've all heard the scandals of sex and champagne that have come from some of Kate's birthday celebrations, and naughty as they sound you wouldn't pass on an offer to be a part of that decadent lifestyle now would you?

Gone are the days of Hollywood and Chateau Marmont (one of my favourite Kate rumours- her and Johnny Depp... in every room!) and gone are her days with Pete and his tragic self-destruction. Instead Kate is happy with Jamie Hince- a gravelly voiced rocker from one of my favourite bands. Having been together for 3 years, tomorrow (and the rest of the weekend- allowing the media to dub this as "Moss-stock") Kate will start a new chapter as a married yummy mummy!

I'll try not to bore you any more with more gushing about Kate and instead bring you this post with some of my favourite Moss moments relating to her upcoming wedding and all the exciting speculation that is rife for tomorrows antics. Bring it on! 
Here are, as a tribute to Miss Moss in the run up to her big day, my favourite of Kate's numerous Vogue covers. From the beautifully nonchalant to that Carine Day shot of her in the little pastel Chanel dress that launched her career and the new idea of what was beautiful. 
Now we know Galliano is designing her dress- here are a few of the styles that he may be referencing when designing a dress for the world's most renowned style icon! Will he keep it traditional or take it into unconventional territory with a daring flash of thigh? You never know with Galliano! Or with Kate for that matter!

This image of Kate wearing Stella McCartney at the 2008 Met Ball is gorgeous. She looks mature and very Hollywood but with the British rock chick edge that we all love her for. I hope this mussed up hair is present tomorrow!
These are some of my favourite Kate looks of all time- and I hope Galliano references these in the dress. I don't think I could bear seeing Kate in something frothy and OTT. It just wouldn't be right!

Alleged to have drowned Mahiki rum and Cristal champagne at the Isle of Wight festival- Kate’s hen do was notably wild. Wrapped up in a Primark poncho (£18!) borrowed from a passer-by, Kate partied with her oh-so cool mates from Trish Simonon (maid of honour) to Alison Mosshart. Supposedly with a “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” theme, Kate’s hen party will certainly go down in history as one of the most fabulous! Probably a little bit better than Kate Middleton’s was...

Now for my favourite rumours from camp Kate about her upcoming nuptials. The pictures are going to be ah-mazing!

♥ The ceremony will take place in Kate's Cotswolds home and will be attended by all her glamourous mates. The bridesmaids will supposedly receive vintage dresses sourced by Kate as a thank you gift and i'm sure the champagne (Cristal) will be absolutely flowing.

♥ There is talk of Shirley Bassey performing at the 3-day extravaganza among other huge acts. Kate is mates with half the flaming music industry after all- she is a constant fixture at the uber-cool NME awards.

♥ Mario Testino is taking the official shots which is no shock given his relationship with Kate. His book of portraits has a whole chapter of electric shots of Kate through her time as a model. 

♥ You know how some celebs sell their weddings to OK or Hello? Well Kate's taking it up a little notch in selling her pictures to US Vogue for their September issue. Now these I HAVE to see!

♥ Many marquees have been set up in the grounds of her home- this is going to be an extravagant and indulgent affair! 

♥ Apparently the party will be decorated with some of Kate's most iconic modelling shots as well as some of her favourite headlines from her time in the spotlight. Cocaine Kate anyone?...

♥ This one I love! It is said that the food will be properly British. We are talking pies and bangers and mash here. Amazing!

♥ There is talk of karaoke- of which Kate is a huge fan- as well as alleged performances from Carl Barat, Beth Ditto and Iggy Pop! This can't all be true- but it's fun to imagine so!

It sounds amazing and I will keep you all updated!

Also... anyone else's invite get lost in the post? It's like the royal wedding all over again! 
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