Sugar Sweet Prada

If you are familiar with the Italian fashion giant's previous ventures into fragrance you will know that Prada don't do novelty. None of those plastic flowers that Marc Jacobs loves to decorate his potions with, no diamanté's for Prada, nuh-uh, they much prefer minimal, clean lines and herby strong fragrances. Until now, it seems.

Candy by Prada is a bit of a new direction for Prada, and it is quite exciting. Nothing enlivens a dressing table like a brand new perfume, and i'm looking forward to trying this new infusion. The look is very 1960s, in keeping with Prada's latest collection, and is surprisingly very fun.

It is probably the biggest fragrance launch seen at Prada with an animation and a film to go alongside the striking ad campaign for the kooky new perfume (the range will feature the fragrance, a body cream, a shower gel and a scrub) which looks very retro in it's bright orange liquid contrasting with a hot pink lid.

And the smell? Well with a bottle so cool, it may not matter to me, but it does sound rather delicious! It is described as "a cocktail of musks" with "an overdose of Loation Benzoin" (sweet, balsamy notes apparently) finishing off with a hint of caramel- rather alien to Prada who tend to favour crisp floral or citrus notes.

It is set for launch in August this year and check it out on the rather cool website here.

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