Eye Candy, and it's not even David Gandy!

Tempted to start a fan club...

I know that this blog is supposed to be about womenswear. And I know it's supposed to be stylish, clever and funny (note "supposed to"). And I know that I often stray from the whole fashion thing, instead talking about cake, make up or whatever else takes my fancy, but I can't help it!

Today I have taken yet another swerve away from my usual trend-chat, and have landed on a new fixation- a very, very hot male model. I guess you could write this one off as fashion- because it is a campaign for H&M- but that's not really why i'm so enthusiastic about this particular ad... It might, just might, be more to do with Jon Kortojarena and his jaw-dropping gorgeousness. 

It's not  often i'm left thinking "Eh, David Gandy who?...", but this guy is beyond gorgeous and he is well on his way to bagging the male supermodel status that godly Gandy often hogs. Plus, even better, Jon isn't going out with one of the cheesy 'Saturdays'. Jealous of Molly, me? Never.

I first spotted him in Tom Ford's fabulous "A Single Man", where he had a brief role as a Spanish guy sexily smoking a cigarette in a white tee and jeans... Give the boy an Oscar I say (it's an insult to every Media Studies student that I actually got an A- I will enjoy ANY film that features a decent looking lad!) Me and my friend then IMDB'd a little bit to find out his name and felt like we deserved some credit when he became a big star in that Carolina Herrera ad, you know- the one about the guest list. 

Now... think of it as your boring Thursday treat. He's quite a looker really. 

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